Thursday , April 22 2021

Gayle got it & # 39; sunny & # 39; sunny Gayle

Gayle got the first fifty in & # 39; a BPL file: Prothom-alo file image

Rangpur Riders defeated Khulna Titans by 6 changes in Chris Gayle Fifth

The line cannot be written to not lower the sun. Otherwise, the last night of Ustad's death – everything was done by Chris Gayle. Gayle 29 for 29 against the goal of 29! Rangpur Riders, by 43 runs in 24 translations. After being a sleepy volcano, Gayle sent in another. The game was a bit like a balloon, up to the end of & # 39; e 17th. Gayle has three eachkaya games in one over when they reach Rangpur's hands!

Formerly, the first score (181 for 6 wraps), Khulna Titans. The fans of fans are hoping their favorite team will return to the winning streak after the winning two match ranks. The Rangpur Riders did not give the two openmen to make it. In the eighth match, she wrote & # 39; a match.

Chris Gayle and Alex Hales If there are two explosive openers, then each goal can be scored. Hales and Gayle did not run in any match in BPL. English Open Air Game The Match of Hunger! 3 for 55 in six and eight fours. 7.4 hours About Yasir Shah, as though, Rangpur scored 78 runs for one wicket. Gayle wrote 23

At the Hells Storm, it was Caribbean & # 39; very ordinary. There was little pressure on Gayle by the three AB de Villiers. De Villiers played a temporary innings of 41 runs in 4 fours and 3 fours. Mahmudullah's Khulna skipper was the lbw in the 13th over when he came back from & # 39; The win and Khulna were 61 runs of 47 runs. Rangpur doesn't have much to go for Gayle wicket. The Caribbean, however, could not get big runs in a BPL. But by surviving the Khulna tubers, there was a feeling of fear that the Caribbean is staring today!

The storm field set, but it is not exactly homosexual. Dhunmipuri batting is not about the whole innings. Instead of & gt; hand, the team must have the moment. That was the 17th left. Gayle scored 20 runs in three overs in Khulna's captain Mahmudullah. Mohammad Mithun only contributed one round! On & # 39; one end of & # 39; In the 17th century, Rangpur was only 23 runs of 18 runs. In the nineteenth century, Gayle took his first FIFA title in & # 39; e BPL. In the 19th century, Junaid Khan was unable to make the match when he hit six. 5 out of 40 runs in 40 balls with four birds. Rangpur ran with 11 balls to 11.

Although the foundation of Gayle's team was based on danger, even the danger came. Needs row needs 6 runs in the last time. Yathir Shah was the first victim to return to Mithun (15) after the stump. Riley Rousseau dies Rangpur by making a six in the third wicket to win a six wicket win.

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