Thursday , June 24 2021

Farooqi is forbidden on Saturday afternoon!

Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi & # 39; s movie & # 39; will be smuggled today The sensor bridge can now decide its final decision on whether the image has been blocked, or is being manipulated. The producers or producers say they know nothing. An officer of a central, however, provided on condition of anonymity that the central administration gave their opinion on the film. Today, the final decision on the movie will be & # 39; Sunday & # 39; be banned.

Earlier, on January 9, after the first shielding of the sensor board got the signal of green signal, the sensor was processed from the movie to this second write.

A member of the no board said that the movie was & # 39; a background made by Hollay's art. In view of submitting the release session, anyone viewing the movie at the central board, gave the same kind of opinion. Thus, after filming, they wanted to make some corrections first. But the producers or producers did not have that. It is not given the fear that the country is damaging its image.

But director Farooqi says the movie is not about the fall of Artisan Bakery in Halle, but made a story by & # 39; Inspiration & # 39; of that event. He said that after requesting the image, one day, the sarcade asked me to only improve on the phone. Then I don't know if it's blocked or forbidden. Settings for settings can say well on this topic.

Zaz Multimedia president Abdul Aziz said he still does not know what the central administration has decided on & # 39; Saturday afternoon & # 39;

He also said that on behalf of the letter of the letter he received a letter from him on Thursday. But he still didn't read it. So you can't comment. A response to a question about what to do when the movie was banned, he said, before the final decision comes, the appointment must be made. If he is forbidden, he will call the court, he said.

Farooqi says about the story of & # 39; s movie, there is no similarity to the inside of & # 39; the art of Hale with the signs in our story. Well there are heroes of Hale's artists, somewhere there is heroism. We are stimulated by this value and sacrifice. I really want to tell another story. For example, & # 39; a Sunday afternoon, nice afternoon, nice afternoon, how nice afternoon happened to horrible and horrible, MT wanted to say.

Dinging is done in & # 39; the English language next to Bangla language & # 39; Sunday afternoon & # 39; created by Bangladeshi-Indian-German joint production. The movie is about the release of the movie in a few months.

Actors attend a movie of December 30, 2010 at end of & # 39; a problem began shooting on Saturday, January 5, at the Coke studio in Dhaka, Saturday morning & # 39; This film has made Jazz Multimedia and Foto from Bangladesh, and there is also Shyam Sunder in India.

Zahid Hassan, Tisha, Eresh Jaker, Mamunur Rashid and others have played in & # 39; s movie. Palestinian actor Yad Hurani and Parvabrat Chattopadhyay of Kolkata, India.

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