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Ershad has 28 million women, bdnews24.com

This information is named in the affidavit, which is included in the nominations paper submitted to Ershad for election eleven parliamentary elections.

Former president Ershad is the current MP, and also the specialist of the Prime Minister. He also has business on his side, his wife, Rawshan Ershad, Jatiya Party's Senior Co-Chairman, he is the opposition leader of # 39; the House.

In addition to the ability of the realization group, there is also a much earlier precedence of the former military head of Ershad.

Ershad said: There are two apartments in Gulshan and Baridhara, which is more than Tk.14 million.

Outside he has a store of 77 lakh taka. On the other hand, Gulshan's wife is two flattened Tk 680 million. Apart from that, there is a flat in Bashundhara and two places in Tk 50 lakh in Purbachal and Rangpur in Dhaka, in & nbsp; the name of woman.

Ershad's affidavit asked five years ago in the election, the amount that in the & # 39; The affidavit is called greater than millions. However, he called only 28 lakh 53 thousand 998.

Annual income

In his affidavit, Ershad has earned an annual income of Tk 1.7. The special ambassador of the Prime Minister, the MP, the board of the bank and his money came from the company. He deserves two lakh 6,000,000 taka from the company.

Will a salary of Tk. 5 lakh will pay in the year. In the meantime, as a special specialist ambassador, 19 lakh 4,000 696 rupees; The real amount of 12 lakh is 60,000 and the approval of the board of banks is 74 lakh 71 thousand 10 taka.

The movement is rich in the name of his wife and wife

Ershad has money in 39 lakhs 53 thousand 998

There is no foreign currency, no

Ershad has Tk 37 lakh 69 thousand in bank and financial institutions.

First Security Islami Bank has 3 lakh 8 million 831 in three accounts; 8 lakh 58 thousand 21 taka and 3 lakh 33 thousand 32 taka.

On the two accounts, 13 lakh 97,000 995 taka in Sonali Bank and 22 million 79,000 723 rupees; 73 thousand 343 in BRAC Bank and 27 thousand 524 in Union Bank.

The amount of shares is Tk 44 strengths 10 thousand taka. Investments in savings accounts and 9.02 million FDR; DPS 9 lakhs

Land Cruiser jeep worth Tk 55 lakh, Nissan car worth Tk 18 lakh and another Land Cruiser Zip cost 75 lakh 50 thousand taka.

Ershad has no gold contribution. He has 30,000 rupees of electronic items and 30 thousand mills of furniture.

Business owner of 12 lakh 51,000 154; The land is sold to 25 million 40,000 taka.

The cash of Ershad in the hands of Tk 2.6 billion. The bank has 47 lakh 98 thousand 22 taka in Sonali Bank, 26 lakh 91 thousand 691 taka in & # 39; the first security bank. Janata Publish Limited has a share of Tk 50 thousand.

FDR 2 crore 2 lakh 92 thousand 500 rupees, another FDR has 1 power taka and investment Tk 2.5 million, Laboratory Tk 60 lakh, savings system 4 krore 38 lakh 34 thousand 517 taka.

There are three cars. Their prizes are named as 33 lakh rupees, 45 lakhs 23 thousand 750 rupees and 75 lakhs respectively.

The gold jewelery has 100 boxes, its value is Tk 1,25 lakh. There are 7 lakh electronic items and 8 lakhs of furniture.

Real estate

There is no agricultural and non agricultural land in the name of Ershad.

77 lakhs worth shopping; Baridhara has a flat value of 62 lakh 40 thousand and another flat value tk 62 lakh in Gulshan.

In his wife's name, Rangpur has 33 Lakahs of Taka and Purbachal of Dhaka has land of 18 lakh 75,000 taka.

There is a flat in Bashundhara, which was previously available. The woman does not know the price.

One of the two apartments in Gulshan is 10.3 million Tk; Another price is 5 crore 50 lakh.

The Ershad loan was 56 million 19 thousand in 689 in Union Bank and First Security Islam Bank 1 power 75 lakh 84,000 946.

Ershad appointed the nomination papers for Rangpur-3 and Dhaka-17 governors for the election on December 30. The former chairman of the 89-year-old president is in talks about & # 39; disease before the election.

Ershad was simultaneously exploited by dramatic illness to CMH by not exploring the election of 2014. But he was elected MP. Later he became the Special Ambassador of the Prime Minister.

According to the representation of the population, the affidavit has to provide 8 personal information (educational qualification, current case, account of past events, occupation, income, wealth, investment and lending). The mandate of issuing the ninth parliament begins.

After 9 December, the election commission will also propose the affidavit to compete candidates for voters.

However, in the 10th parliamentary election against the chairman of Jatiya Party, reviews of identity fraud and trustworthiness of # 39; The information was created in the affidavit. After the case of Jamshed candidate in # 39; the Rangpur-3 Board, the decision was not taken to the legal battle.

Other information about Ershad in & # 39; s affidavit

Occupation – former president and chairman of Jatiya Party

Born – February 1, 1930; Educational Qualification – BA (Pass); Always, the New Senior Address of Rangpur City Corporation.

>> The details of the case

Ershad reported the total of 33 cases.

Currently, six cases are present and the activities of four are required. In 27 cases of the past it was reported in & # 39; e 13 cases; Six exemptions; Is recorded 3; The last report is 4 and one is revoked.

In # 10th Paralympic elections were four of the # The 33 issues of Ershad announced and four were suspended. The remaining 25 were in the liberation, exemption and division phase.

In 9th parliamentary elections, six subjects were present in 37 cases; There were 3 suspended; There were 4 under investigation. The survivors 24 were in liberation, exemption, permit and final report.

Ershad in & # 39; s affidavit of & # 39; the 10th parliament

Jatiya Party chairman Ershad submitted nominations for three seats, including Dhaka-17.

In affidavit as Ershad's cash only Tk.16.6 million. His bundles, bundles, shares are 40 crowns. Permanent provisions in the stocks are Tk. 7 herbs. The bus transport company is about 100 million Tk Although there is no agricultural land in its name, the building is a half-mound.

Fares sold Tk 300 million to the bank.

The soul savings certificate of Ershad has received income from 91 lakh Job only 14 lakhs in & year; and only 62 thousand rupes in the year of the company.

Ershad's affidavit in ninth parliamentary elections

The annual report of Ershad is 1.60.000; 4 lakh 50,000 taka business; FDR share income is 25 million taka and the FDR interest is 32 lakh 50,000 taka.

>> Movable sources:

5 lakhs of cash in his name; 20 pounds 13 lakh 10 thousand 786 in the name of woman.

Ershad's bank and financial institutions Tk 2.5 million

Its own name is 580,000 800 rupees and the name of the woman is 50 thousand wupkes.

There were five cars that were 68 million rubles and 61 million rupees for themselves.

His gold and silver households were Tk 1.5 million and his wife had a gold jewelry Tk 1.25 billion.

6 lakh rupees, and 9 lakh businesses operate 80 thousand rupees; The name of woman is capital of 5 lakh 75 rupees.

>> Real Estate:

Landscape of 15,39,600 rupees in his name; Residential / commercial building of 1 krûder 66 lakh 40,000 taka.

In # Name of & # 39; The wife, 3 kahah 3 lakh 48 thousand 9 9 taka and living-rooms of 1 lakh 98 thousand rupees and home and apartment worth 30 million taka.

At that time, the carriage of 14 lakhat; Credit from another source is 1 kroech 75 lakh 96 thousand 219 taka. A cold storage lien 4 kroech 89 lakh 2 thousand 496; This was provided to the Fars Security Bank.

More than 3,000 nominations are filed in each parliamentary election. The last day for picking on December 2 and again on December 9th.

The common sector of EU SM Asaduzzaman says that after December 2, all candidates & # 39; s affidavits published in ECI Vibesite.

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