Friday , August 19 2022

Eoin Morgan made big statement about Shakib Al Hasan and Andre Russel


Own report: Even after the loss of Virat Kohli to Royal Challengers Bangalore, there are still questions about the two stars of Kolkata Knight Riders. Will Andre Russell be fully fit on Wednesday and play against Delhi Capitals? Second question Will Shakib Al Hasan be able to play at all in the second qualification? Eoin Morgan arrived at the virtual press conference at the end of the match and answered these two questions.

“We keep a close eye on Russell’s fitness every day. We still have 48 hours. We came back to the team last year with a hamstring injury. We work hard every day. We want to see how much Russell improves in the next two days. “Will wait until the last minute.”

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The suspicion that remains about ‘Dre Ras’ before he will play against the team of Rishabh Panth can not be overestimated. The good news for the night camp, however, is that all-rounder Shakib, who is in shape, will play. “Shakib will play against Delhi,” Morgan added.

Shakib is about to join the national camp in Bangladesh for the T20 World Cup. However, it can be said that the team will be very comfortable to get this all-rounder in the Knights.

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