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Running on 522 Bangladesh Declaration

Online desk. The second century of Mushfiqur and half a century of Mehdi Hassan Miraj would have been waiting for Bangladeshi captain Mahmudullah Riyadh. There are two centuries and half a century. Finally, after the execution of 522, Bangladesh declared an injection of Mamu Shurai Riyadh. Mushfiqur Rahim He was batting 219 RBI. Miraj scored 68 points.

Only 62 times in the first session. The second session is completely the opposite. Bangladesh, 105 points scored in the second session Mushfiqur Rahim and Mehdi Hasan Miraj are hitting in the pace. After the second session of the second day, Bangladesh scored 470 points for seven wickets. Bowling players in Zimbabwe can only use two wickets in all-day games.

Bangladesh could not cross 200 RBI in the past eight innings. The tiger was so bad that the battle was going on. I hope the situation will change depending on Zimbabwe or the situation. However, I am very disappointed with the Sylhet Test. As a result, immense speed Bangladesh was finally able to escape frustration after coming to Dhaka Test.

We not only turn towards the 20th century, but also give a big score to the front of Bangladesh. In the second session of the second day Bangladesh scored 400 points. Mushfiqur Rahim and Mehdi Hassan Miraj are leading the bat.

300 Plus runs on the first day. The situation in Bangladesh was very noticeable. Mushfiqur Rahim and Captain Mahmudullah Riyad have been in fifth place for centuries. So this book hopes Bangladesh can do good in this test.

Two hitters from the Bangladesh team played for the second day. As for Bhaiya Bhai, it is also a symbol of Bangladesh's dependency. In the blows of the two teams, the Bangladesh team won the first session very easily.

In the first session Bangladesh scored only 62 points in the session and kept the wicket at the session. The tiger had lunch for 5 wickets 365 times. The important thing is that the host has not lost wickets in the entire session. Mushfiqur added 24 runs for the first wicket with 111 runs, Mahmudullah was unbeaten with 35 runs.

However, after lunch, Captain Makmudullah Riaad of Bangladesh missed the ticket gate at the ticket gate. He scored 73 points with Mushfiqur. As well as Riyadh's wicket, in the determination of Sylhet, the Acco Hall quickly lost the wicket.

Kyle Jarvis took two wickets. Riyadh is wrongly sitting on the 122nd inning. Tell me the thrust of the bat. He went behind the wheel, behind the wheel. Schipper pulled 110 balls and was ejected for 36 runs on three borders.

After returning, the Aarchist Hark fell to the ground. He could not survive for a long time. Brian Chyrene caught up with the point with Kyle Jarvis. Ariful scored four.

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