Tuesday , June 6 2023

Dhananjay is not in the third test against England


Sports Desk: Sri Lanka has no candy tests and has discarded the series at home against England. After such a bad time, Sri Lanka is losing the strength of the team. Akhila Dhananjay, the last test rotator, is not involved in illegal bowling behavior.

In the first game of three game tests Dhananjay was involved in bowling bowling. Therefore, you should test within 14 days of the rule. Go to Brisbane to test your bowling. Bowling results were bowled in the second test because they are not limited to test results. In the second inning, Carrier earned 115 points by scoring six points for bowling.

In the final test of this series, Spinner Dhananjaya was not satisfied with the performance of the team according to the words of Chandika Hathruusingha coach. In this context, he unfortunately said that Akira is not there. That's because it is tested on the 14th. She goes to Brisbane on the 20th. His bowling behavior will be investigated on November 23. So he does not stay in the third test. "

Sri Lanka have already lost 2-0 to England in 3 games. The team got the chance to win the Sri Lanka test series after 17 years. Sri Lanka will welcome this series on its third and final trials in Colombo on November 23rd.

Risingbd / Dhaka / November 18 / Shamim

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