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Department of Healthcare covered 25 houses and plots of Abazal and his wife

In addition, a bank named "Toyota Harriar", named after Rubina, and a car in 2000, saw a car in several banks.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Public Relations Officer, Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya, said the property was acquired by the former policy officer of & # 39; a medical education of healthcare, Abazal and his wife.

Abazal Hossain

Abazal Hossain

ACC officials say Abjal Hossain is temporarily at the office of & # 39; a regional performance assistant came in 1995. Later, he was promoted and promoted in the Mohakhali Abbey. Currently, he is the administrative officer in the Institute for Health Technology of a board.

And Abazal's wife Rubina Khanam, in the same division, gave the same regional program in the same division as & # 39; Stenographer & # 39; in 1998 and in 2000 they volunteered.

ACC officials have informed the ACC about & # 39; junk & # 39; in & # 39; abroad and abroad & # 39; get the name of Abuljal-pear.

In short, after the investigation began, Abazal Hossain's suspension was suspended from the Social Services Department. In addition, the couple are prohibited from staying with the couple abroad.

ACC director director Shamsul Alam works as a researcher at the latest against Abazal couple

In the context of his application, the list of abilities under the name of Abazal Hossain is stored –

>> Tinse home on two and a half cathas of land in Mirpur, Dhaka

>> Seis katha land in Pallabi

>> Uttara 15 / C number three pieces of land from three Katha land

>> Uttara 15 / C number sector 3 Katha country number 26 desk

>> Three Katha land in Khilkhet

>> Plot of four cathars in the district of Bashundhara

>> Two-family homes with 10.5 percent of the land in Faridpur's Kotwali Municipality of Murer area

>> 13 percent of the country in one Raghunandanpur mouza of the same area

113% of the country in the West Tapakhola area is located in the neighborhood

>> 230 percent land in Basantpur union of Rajbari district

>> Khalishpur City Corporation's Khalishpur Boyra Mausolea 5 and 5 Katha land

>> Three and a half Katha plots of the same city university Mujgani residential district

The sixth property mentioned in the name of Abul Hossain's wife Rubina is-

>> Seychelles in three katha suddenly on the number 11 of the sector Uttara sector 13

>> Sixth house in three katha suddenly on the number 16 of Uttara 13 sector

>> A home in Dhaka's Mirpur
>> two and a half catha land in Pallabi

>> Plot of three katha at Bashundhara Residential Projector Block 3067

>> Plot of three katha at Bashundhara winning project number 3066

>> Shop at a brand in Keraniganj, Dhaka

>> 15 percent land in Savar, Dhaka

>> The two-storey home of Habalei Golappur in Kotwali Municipality of Faridpur

>> 8 percent of the country in the same district of West Tapapola

>> A nine-nine percent of the country in the same area of ​​the neighborhood

>> Another five-person country in the same area of ​​& # 39; s neighborhood

According to the preliminary investigation of the ACC, outside of ownership, Abjal Hossain and his wife Rubina Khanam have a house in Sydney, Australia, by Hundi, bought the house for two million dollars. In addition, there is a & # 39; large amount & # 39; money stored in different banks in their names.

The accounts of First Security included Islami Bank, Agrani Bank, AB Bank and other financial institutions, ACC said, the government Kumar said.

ACC at the request of Abul Hossain on January 10, on taxes for getting great money & # 39; of this compensation by corruption.

In addition to the same syndicate, the assistant director said of the Department of Health (budget). Anisur Rahman was intervened and director of the Health Directorate (Line Director) Kazi Jahangir Hossain and Line Director (Medical, Education and Healthcare) Prof. ACC called Abdur Rashid

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