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Deepika Ranbir's wedding venue costs about 2 crore


Deepika Ranbir's wedding venue costs about 2 crore

Online desk. This is a fairytale wedding. The most discussed wedding this year. Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh are tied on November 14th and 15th. The speculation about this marriage is endless. But how much is this fairytale wedding?

Both the bride and the groom are staying at luxury resort in Lake Goma. This resort will be Deepipir's famous wedding wedding.

A marriage of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh is under discussion in B Town. On November 13, Deepika was impressed with the music. Ranbier hugged him and cried. Saragaram Bollywood the way of these pieces.

When the first picture of their wedding is seen, speculation continues. Kannada and Indian northern customs will marry them.

I heard that the cost of each resort in the house is TK 33,000. Two stars or 75 books have been published. It's about 47.5 million taka. That means the cost of the house has increased to $ 12,172 million in the past week.

Deepika purchased jewelry for a wedding that requires Tk one crore. Mardasutra prices of 20 lakhs only Ranbir is said to be married on the C plane. Preparations for luxury sailing boats are available for travelers. Their reception will be held in Mumbai on November 28th in Italy and the reception will be in Bangalore. All, it's worth saying that a fairy tale wedding will cost millions of dollars.

But Deepawira does not receive any gifts in his marriage. Invited people asked Deepak, an organization that works for mental health, to donate to organizations if they want.

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