Tuesday , June 22 2021

Corona Cope Bollywood Rhythm Fall, musician couple loses death

After Shravan’s easy pair of melody-rhythm-rhythm-rhythm leads the rhythm. Shravan gave up his last breath. As soon as the second wave hit Corona, the familiar image of Maharashtra seemed to change. News also came that one star after another was attacked in a terrible situation. At that time, the shadow of mourning descends over the celebrity world. Music composer Shravan died of corona.

He was admitted to a private hospital in Mumbai following the corona contract. The news of the death of his son Sanjeev Rathore was first made public. He breathed his last on Thursday at 10.15pm. He was 6 years old at the time of his death.

In the celeb world. As this news spread at the moment, the shadow of mourning came down. From one star to the next, the legendary stars of the music world continue to mourn.

Akshay Kumar published the news of the composer’s death and wrote about the composer’s easy journey in the 90’s. He highlighted the context of the beating photo. Likewise, Shreya Ghoshal also expressed her sadness on this day and said that it is not acceptable to leave Shravan in this way. Bollywood stands for a big loss in Atimari. Pritam posted on social media that it was like a nightmare.

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