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BTRC turns 900 crore off

The Communication Communication Commission (BTRC) steadily supports the fixed depths (FD) of about 900 cocks stored in private and state banks. On Monday, the BTRC asked the relevant banks to recover the money on Wednesday. According to sources from BTRC, the BTRC will use funds from several banks to go to the government tax.
Hundreds of corporate commanders from various banks have been found to be at risk for earning these deposits only for two days. To run the liquidity crisis in a banking sector. The crisis shows in a private sector bank. Thus, the evening received the letter of "BTRC, the main characters of & # 39; a bank was shown in different places at & nbsp; day.
BTRC chairman Zahurul Haque said in the first light last night: "The government's money can be revoked by the government at any time. We would collect the money in July 1. It was taken earlier. & # 39;
BTRC said in a letter to a bank that as a result of the mandate of & # 39; a government, due to the impatience of FD interest, requested the money to pay all & # 39; submit a BTRC on Wednesday via the payment disc, submitting it to & # 39; the recommended funds from & # 39; a Republic.
Golam Faruk, director of South Bengal Agriculture and Commerce Bank (MD), said: "BTRC has asked them to return their money, we will give it to them. They make money beforehand. We have nothing to do with that. & # 39;
It has been learned that the BTRC revenue is treated as a public bank's private capabilities and private banks as a forward bank. But the Bank, Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Ministry focused the BTRC to remit this money directly to the consolidated fund of & # 39; s United Nations & # 39; The crisis, irregularities, security and risk are within a banking sector. And, according to the cost of & # 39; government a government must pay and pay the bank. Therefore, the BTRC aims to appoint the government director to a public sector. On Monday, the financial department previously sent a letter to the BTRC Finance Relief Division. Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology also advised the BTRC.
BTRC has the largest financial fund in First Security, Union, NRB Global, Basic, Rupali, AB and One Bank. In addition, there are several banks such as Standard, Madhumati, Al-Arafah, South Bengal, Midland, NRB, Jamuna, National, Exim, Mercantile.
Standard Bank MD Mamun-ur-Rashid said, "BTRC depots were in our 5 branches. They wanted the money back for the loss. & # 39;

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