Tuesday , May 30 2023

Bollywood actress Kajal’s puja decoration


During Durga Puja, Bollywood actress Kajal is dressed as a Bengali woman. Wear sari. Comes with gold jewelry. Many Bengali women were fascinated by Kajal’s outfit. But what does Kajal do so that his appearance changes completely? The festive mood was reflected. Let’s learn a few things from the puja’s puja look.

1) Make-up base must be of very good quality. That will be a lot of work.

2) To make the base make-up better, it must be mixed with great care with the skin.

3) The foundation should be applied in harmony with the color of the neck.

4) There are several types of blemishes on the skin. Use concealer in the right place if necessary.

5) It looks good if you wear thick eyeliner in Durga Puja. Kajal knows that very well.

6) Eyeshadow will look good if red is currently being rubbed.

6) Use the powder well to take care of the appearance.

6) It looks good, even if you wear a large tip.

Kajal’s outfit shows that the fun of the festival can easily be reflected in this time of year.

(Dhaka Times / October 13 / AZ)

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