Monday , November 29 2021

Army ready for every work in the spirit of liberation: Head of Army Cities –


Army Multipurpose Complex in Dhaka Cantonieling
Older members
And in the collection and ceremony of peace-loving medalist soldiers, he said this.

On occasion there were high officials of the army, including some former military officers present.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister appointed an initiative to realize the spirit of liberation
General Aziz praised various initiatives.

Since January, volunteers like freedom fighters and other volunteers receive the offer as other volunteers
He called it.

The army is now only its own training program
Not forgetting is limited
The army room said: "The army is participating in various socio-economic and national activities, directly and indirectly, to support the government and governance."

He said that the army, including the natural disaster, the distribution of relief among the Rohingyas, bringing discipline and its registration activities, was appreciated by the work
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"In addition to the army is internationally invested in militant issues in the country, the role of the Bangladeshi army is also strong in the world of global peace."

On this occasion, the reception was offered to the three Army Administrators, Bir Shrestha, family, three Bir Uttam, 14 Bir Bikram and 27 Bir Practatkaka, who were honored for their contributions in the liberation of # 39; the liberation.

Meanwhile, nine people & # 39; Exemplary service medal & # 39; received and 19 for the medal & # 39; as recognition of various fun and clear works in peace & # 39; days in 2017-18.

The lower boss said that as a recognition of brave and heroic works at home and abroad
In & # 39; passport time
Medal & # 39;
Has done This is the first time that the medals are given to the first # 39; exceptional medal and # 39; special service medal.

The army head, which came to the 47th battalion archive, did not ask about the reception.

At the beginning of the ceremony, details of & # 39; the great legend of liberation and the fun activities of the veterans of # 39; the soldiers marked.

Meanwhile, one of the ceremonial ceremonies of # 39; the headquarters of Navy in & nbsp; the morning
21 freedom leaders received the reception.

Besides the family of Bir Shreshtha Shaheed Ruhul Amin, five Bir Uttam, seven Bir Bikram and eight heroic symbols are honored.

In addition to peacekeepers, members of 'family members of' the family this prize.

His daughter Nurjahan Begum received the honor for Bir Shrestha Shaheed Ruhul Amin.

Besides Bir Uttam Abdul Wahed Chowdhury, Bir Uttam Md. Jalal Uddin received the honor of today. Mariam Afzal received the honor for Bir Uttam Shaheed Afzal Miah.

Navy Chief Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed said: "The current government has investigated various stages under the jurisdiction and powerful leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to build an effective and professional navy." Meanwhile, submarine is established as a three-dimensional force in the navy. "

An important number of warns and modern military equipment to build the navy or more – opportune & # 39;
He was told.

The navy also has the members of the margarist set up to work together in & nbsp; Coordinating with professional skills, patriotism and patriotism

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