Saturday , December 4 2021

Argyf is ready to work under any circumstances & # 39;


On the occasion of # Armed Forces Day, right head of # 39; The army chief General Aziz Ahmed focused on Thursday a function in Dhaka Cantonment. Photo: NTV

Alderman chief general Aziz Ahmed said the army is ready to work under any circumstances, if necessary.

At the end of 'Army Forces Day, General Aziz Ahmed has attended this as a presentation and medal on peace and medal in # 39; the peace 2017 and 2018 for the special contribution of the liberation of # 39; a war in the Army Multipurpose Complex of the Dhaka Cantonment.

The army room said: "The army is not limited to its own training program, but participating in various social and economic activities directly and indirectly through support and government. The army is ready to work for the development of the country by acting to respond with the people to any need of the country. All members of the army are structurally recorded in the ideological motivation for the protection of integrity, independence and sovereignty of the country.

At present, the head of the army set up for recipients and medals for 48 award-winning soldiers for special contribution in & # 39; the Great War of Liberation. Afterwards, reception and medals were awarded to 28 different peace medals. Hospital and pensioning seniors were present in the story.

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