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Akshar Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul national anthem … – 728812 | Kaler Kantho

Ahmad Imtiaz Bulbul is a legendary music personality from Bangladesh. He is the music director, composer and music director. Since the end of & # 39; years & # 39; 70, Amrita was active in & # 39; a music world, including the film industry. He was awarded with the highest honor of his state Ekushey Padak, National Film Award and Presidential Award, along with many other prizes. He participated in the liberation war of Bangladesh at age 15 in 1971. Today, at 4 o'clock on Tuesday he left the last breath.

Songs that were popular in the direction of his music, at a glance –

Do not open all windows open Sabina Yasmin

And don't hold the shadow and the flame The Sabina Yasmin

By the railway line Sabina Yasmin

Beautiful Golden Youth Fraud Sabina Yasmin

And see my eight million flowers Sabina Yasmin

Mommy and you won't be sleeping aunt Sabina Yasmin

I do not feel so much that I do not even have my date Sabina Yasmin

Eat my whole dirt and soil Andrew Kishore

In my breast Andrew Kishore and Samina Chowdhury

In my father's face The first day of Andrew Kishore

I love you bhikari Syed Abdul Hadi

And my heart cried, and my soul cried Sabina Yasmin Charakkanya

Aileo large phagunare Runa Laila movie princess of Chandan Island

One side of my love in one world Andrew Kishore and Runa Laila

I'll be two stars in your eyes Samina Chowdhury

Make the call in my car Andrew Kishore and Samina Chowdhury

I have found the world to reach you Andrew Kishore and Sabina Yasmin

It seems to me that, even a thousand years ago, knew there was identity Andrew Kishore

The month's face does not seem like this Andrew Kishore

How many people are in a bazaar brand Shiver

Who are you without me? World in one world

I didn't check the brand So the price is broken

Ammajon Ammajon Ayub Bachchu movie

John Mistri, who makes you husband and wife Ayub Bacchu

My life is my father Revolution

God God knows the heirs Monir Khan and Kanak Champa

Jamuna is at this breast Monir Khan

Deep as the sea, as the heavens are infinite Andrew Kishore and Kanak Champa

I live a deadly body Kumar Biswajit

Never love it, Sometimes the gardener Andrew Kishore and Khalid Hasan Milu

My happiness is not to be the Koli brothers and the couple Khalid Hasan Miluch

Don't fall into a light Andrew Kishore

This love comes from heaven and comes out & # 39; heaven Khalid Hasan Milu and Kanak Chappa

Don't know what my identity, address Andrew Kishore

You give eternal love Ayub Bachchu and Kanak Champa

You are my life, I am you Life Andrew Kishore and Runa Laila

Your love is not of a man Ayub Bachchu and Kanak Champa

You are a pink in a thousand flowers Andrew Kishore

Foreign has come alive, the swelling of a weak spirit Khalid Hasan Milu

Stay asleep Andrew Kishore's films by women

My heart is a mirror Andrew Kishore and Kanak Champa

Rules, tell me I'm the car Andrew Kishore, Kanak Chapa, will take revolution

These are you who you want Asif and Kanak Chapa

You think of the life of my life, happiness in the heart Andrew Kishore and Kanak Champa / Salma Jahan

You are one of those people who do not love to listen to one man Kanak Chapa drank

Not to mention the terrible jungle on the south, Mars Salma Jahan

You have to tie the bird in a counter and then the house Subir Nandi

Where's mother's mother, where's your freedom fighter? Fire and Runa Laila

The schools of & # 39; schools are decorated with the flowers of & # 39; e citizen Syed Abdul Hadi and Runa Laila

Give me a big measure Subir Nandi

You are one person in this world Ayub Bachchu and Kanak Champa

Life will never be lost in life Andrew Kishore and Kanak Chap

The world is home for two days, the khelagara broke in two days Syed Abdul Hadi and Sabina Yasmin movie

After many functions I found your spirit Khalid Hasan Milu and Kanak Chappa

Why go, buddy? Khalid Hasan Milu

You have linked the cut of the shapla flower or your spirit Subir Nandi and Mukti

One day after two days three days, your house will be my house Andrew Kishore and Sabina Yasmin Ch

The song is known in song Andrew Kishore and Samina Chowdhury

What are the words that I write, what is the name of that name? Andrew Kishore and Shakila Jaffe

They burned Samina Chowdhury

I slept in a four times in & # 39; sleep, I have a child James

Sitting in an eye Salma

Winds the river Spit, they're gonna burn up Samina Chowdhury

The game is the start of your brother, brother and brother in & # 39; e law Ayub Bacchu

And doctors and doctors Kumar Biswajit

There is no one except me and no one else Kumar Biswajit

After reaching the last address, do not warn back Monir Khan

My wife wrote a letter Monir Khan

Eight life Monir Khan

Book is my broken home Monir Khan

Mother gave alms to everyone or not Monir Khan / Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul

Salam Bangladesh Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul and Junaid

Jago goes to Bangladesh Chorus

An old woman in a worthy body Kumar Biswajit

I am a child of war Ayub Bacchu

Pangu Freedom Fighter Bappa Majumder

Two rivers in my eyes Samina Chowdhury

I'll buy the place Samina Chowdhury

The songs were written there

Light of Light

After death

Fellow traveler

Memo rights

Getan from & # 39; search

Wedding flowers


Prince of Chandan Island

Old brother

Who is responsible




For free

Love Taj Mahal

Love irritation

Blind love

up to date




Mom respect

Wrong protest

Unrestricted four


Mad woman

Like life

Twinkle eyelashes

You want to


Confused heart


You are the lucky fortune



Profit story


Forget Me Not

Blaze explosion

Tandab Purple

Change society

Grab the kid

Hold on


Today is yellow on the face

Profit in thailand

Greed lust


Kalya Nagini Love

Countries (shared with famous musician Azad Rahman)



Young car

Tigers daughter



Don't keep it




Women's mind




Life style

Won refurbished

Love to say


Sattiputra Abdullah

My jan


Why love candies

Many days hope

Banned women

Take flowers and take tears

Tears of joy

Blind love

Two minds in one's thoughts



Proof of evidence

Laksmi's family

Mother than judge

You are mine


You in my heart

The protest


Care fire fire in the house


Rifle clipping

Be careful

Great association



Two eyes light


Rebel children

My dream

Love you




Don't say

Built place

The birth

The enemy of love


Love love


Hard love

This is the name of love

Little sister

Mother is my heaven

Mother is my heaven

Disabled children

The child is my pride

My house party



Address address

My world (community)

King Surya Khan (Collective)


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