Sunday , April 18 2021

Why Android smartphones are upgrading more often and faster

By the increasing modularization of android For a while, security updates can be delivered faster and without a major upgrade. Google also its partners earn in licensing agreements. Manufacturers are using their devices by over 100,000 users android smartphones and tablets provide security updates for at least two years. Although this month from now on Google Many manufacturers are slowly getting on the road and are only expecting them. Alerts that are inappropriate Google To qualify for the "Program Recommendation" program, you need to update your security with a maximum of three months.

Double over Android one

android However, one is considered the non-official successor Google Nexus program. Many manufacturers, including Nokia. Xiaomi and Motorolasupply smartphones with a burning free Android version. Complex manufacturer apps and nonsense bloatware will be released, instead comes clean android The use of health is upgraded for at least two years.

due to android One has even acquired some factories themselves. While the official LG flagship G7 ThinQ is still android 9.0 is waiting, it has already received the G7 one. Similar to the situation HTC: The U12 Plus is still waiting for a pie update, the U11 Life is already fast.

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