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WhatsApp will protect you soon from awkward photo glitches


WhatsApp apparently has one or more small updates in one pipeline. The messenger service is currently working on several new features that will be released first. One of them should be especially useful.

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Protection against embarrassed photo-sending

The new information will once again come from "WhatsApp" insiders WABetaInfo, Sa is the messenger service u.a. Get a new feature designed to prevent people from sending photos to the wrong person. If you take a picture directly in a future via WhatsApp and want to send it directly, the name & # 39; a person to whom the photo has been sent is displayed before final submission. If you entered the error first, then the error could be repaired in the last second. Thus, in the future, it will hardly be possible to send a recording to an incorrect recipient. This can not only protect against embarrassment, but also prevent guesses. In the current beta version, the new protection feature is already integrated.

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Example for voting rights

In addition, according to the insiders, WhatsApp is currently working on the implementation of additional new features. This will be a preview feature for voice messages in the future. Specifically, you could listen to a voting right without opening WhatsApp. Now, d & # 39; is an example only for text messages and pictures & # 39; s.

whatsapp-sprachvorschau.jpg© WABetaInfo

Edit direct photo

In addition, the edit function of photo's will be expanded. In future, users would also be able to edit photo's directly in WhatsApp. The new "Edit" button allows you to directly edit photos in & quot; chat & quot; and dispatch as needed and then forward to another person.

WhatsApp-photo-edit.jpg© WABetaInfo


According to WABetaInfo, the test phases from & # 39; are new features at an advanced stage. That it should not take too long before making it from the beta version to the definitive WhatsApp app.

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