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Tips from the NÖGKK: high season for colds


PLEASE TULLN (pa). When the throat scratches and the nose runs: A few basic rules help strengthen the body's natural shields
Every year again: winter is coming, it is cold and uncomfortable again … Pathways have a slight play in cold weather and bad weather. Cold and flu are in the trend again. If you follow a few rules, the defense forces will be strengthened and you will be healthy by the winter.
"The A and O to protect against colds are the strengthening of the immune system," says Dr. Michael Kraus, physician of the NÖ Gebietskrankenkasse (NÖGKK). "There are many ways to consolidate the body's defense system and to cure the cold time. Besides a vitamin-rich and nutritious diet, above all, outdoor exercise is part of it. "The body is also supported by smoking. An abandonment of alcohol is also beneficial. "Avoid stress and ensure enough rest. Because endurance stresses the immune system. In addition, adequate sleep restores the body to steal the defenses in the dark season, "explains the NÖGKK doctor.

Pathways love heated spaces

Our mucous membranes are a natural protective shield against viruses and other pathogens. The proper humidity plays a significant role. Warm heating air dries out the mucous membranes and makes it easy to treat pathogens. In winter it is therefore extremely important to keep the humidity in the rooms high and to ease well. "It is also essential to drink extensively," says Dr. Kraus. "Every day at least two liters of water or Herb and fruit tea. Once you get cold, it's even more important to get your fluid up and get to tea. "
In the winter it's almost impossible to get the virus: science knows of 200 species that can be responsible for colds. In general, it is advisable to avoid collecting people. "Of course not always possible," says the NÖGKK-Medizin. "That's why it's all the more important to keep the hygiene rules and wash hands properly." This is a simple and highly effective preventive measure against infections.

NÖGKK Tips for the Winter:

Rushing to Nature: Outdoor movement builds stress, ensures good blood flow, and strengthens the body's circulation and temperature. Fresh air also promotes healthy sleep. All of these effects strengthen the body's immune system that combines pathogens and protects against infections. Recovery phases contribute much to that.

Eat healthy, stay healthy: A balanced and varied diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables supports the immune system.

Sufficiently drink: Make sure you take enough fluid. Access to herbal teas and water.

Shock wings helps: Eight on the humidity in heated rooms and ventilate the apartment well.

Cold-warm: Hot and cold water showers strengthen the defenses.

Smoking harms the immune system. Canned Smokers should avoid cigarettes because the mucus can be heavier.

Caution with alcohol: high percentage promises something that can not hold. A mulled wine may warm up at the first moment in the first place, but the blood-promoting effect of the alcohol ensures that the body releases the heat faster. Alcohol bothers the heat balance, hot tea or warm soup is a miracle.

Hygiene helps: Hands often and thoroughly wash hands, towels do not use commonly. Shaking hands or touching door or holding grips can easily lead to an infection. If you get unconscious of the nose or mouth, open the pathways to the mucous membranes.

In spite of all precautionary measures, a flu virus can be supposed to be a medical visit and bed rest.

Current hospitals
During the calendar week 46, 87 people were reported in the Tulln district because of influenza and grippeal infectious diseases.
For comparison:
During the first week, 99 people were ill with this diagnosis.
In the calendar week 46/2017, 123 people were ill with this diagnosis.

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