Thursday , December 9 2021

Three climbers rescued from Loser


In Ausseerland, three women from Carinthia and Styria entered in trouble on Saturday. They clung to the underdog while climbing in the face of the cliff and finally were able to fly to the valley.

26 and 31 years old Carinthians in the Villach-Land region and Styrian (32 years old) in Murtal climbed Südwand Loser in Liezen on Saturday. The police are well prepared.

Helicopter to the valley

When she went down to the bottom of the wall, her rope fell into the rock. The three women can not be back in the future either. Progress was impossible. They contacted the army with a cell phone.

The rescue helicopter Christopher's 14 team was able to rescue three uninjured climbers, but with the rope it was slightly undercooled and sank, safely flew to the valley. In addition, mountain rescue Ausseerland and alpine policemen participated in the rescue operation.

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