Saturday , May 21 2022

These are the first stars of stars


Comeback. After a break, the ORF 2019 calls the successful movie dancer Dancing Stars back to the television broadcasts. The twelfth season already offers a lot of fuel in advance: About the first candidate, known as the AUSTRIA reports, ex-BZÖ politician Stefan Petzner (37). This was already established by the ORF as a permanent starter. Boxing World Champion Nicole Wesner (41), who dreamed of a playwright in her boyhood, actor Michael Schottenberg (66) or cabaret artist Soso Mugiraneza, is also guaranteed to be a dancer.

Voltage. Coptic star Martin Leutgeb (52) will compete this year twice. He presents the season in the course of a training session for the first round and can therefore try. Two other candidates have already been drafted into the room by former guests: former skier pro Elisabeth Görgl (37) and moderator Norbert Oberhauser (46). The latter is as good as fixed. He will also talk about the ORF's first studio studio 2 with Verena Scheitz of January 7th. Since logic is that you will receive the resume.

Get started. From March 15, the two presenters Mirjam Weichselbraun and Klaus Eberhartinger will repeat the audience in the most famous ballroom in Austria.

Petzner: "Stop smoking for the show"

Radio O24: When was it clear that you participate in the show?

Stefan Petzner: I think for a long time, because that's another challenge. But I also saw it as an opportunity to present myself as a human and to see other facets of myself. Most of them have a deadly image of me. Dancing technically, I'm a person who really starts to scrutinize. But it is a fun and it's about fun and try new things.

Radio O24: How do you wait for the show?

Petzner: There is still time to prepare and implement one or the other part; Make, for example, the smoking that I have enough air.

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