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These are the 5 best deals – GIGA

The Amazone is in full swing, with many newspapers and blocks offering intervals in five minutes. You can always lose the overview. We have the top five bargain out of the computer and gaming room with a special half savings.

Amazon Last Minute Deals: These are the 5 best deals

Source: LG, Nokia, Michael Kors.

Amazon Last Minute Deals: This is how the action works

If you do not have all Christmas prices, you can be inspired by Amazon. The largest online store in the world will take place from 6 to 21 December 2018, with daily changes and flash remains every five minutes. The quotations are as always limited, even accessible deals can be sold at a competitive price.

With just a few hours a valuable magazine, this year is an innovation. Twice a day, at 8 o'clock in morning and 8 o'clock in & nbsp; The evening (for performance) for a short time "" With payments up to 70 percent online. These special deals are highlighted in read and are 12 hours pre-paid, but we already know the prices!

Private members have generally access to a magazine 30 minutes earlier. Even the special companies see every six hours later, if they are already sold with high probability. So, if you do not want to sell, you can not get any prime members. Amazon Prime is the first, will not be closed, the test phase will then go into a subscription for 69 euros per year.

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Top 5 offer on the day on Amazon on 10.12.2018

Michael Kors Ladies Smartwatch Sofie for 499 euros 189 euros

See Michael Kors Smartwatch on Amazon

The Sofie by Michael Kors is one of the best smartwatches on & # 39; the market and is just sold out radically at Amazon. The earlier watch with Android Wear operating system was never available. Many of the "Bling Bling" support: The bracelet is randomly switchable. For those who are more athletic, they first provide a fitness tracker with pulse sensation, such as the Fitbit Alta HR, that Amazon also has its daily offer.

Up to 51 percent on smartphones of Nokia and Huawei

See Nokia smartphones on Amazon

View Huawei smartphones on Amazon

Of course, smartphones are among the popular Christmas prices in the field of technology. If it does not have to be a top-of-the-range device, Amazon now offers a good idea – and the best value for money. For example, the Nokia flag of 2017, instead of 579 Euro RRP or instead of 299 Euro RRP with a free special map.

Up to 46 percent of monitors

Watch Add to Amazon

(Spul) monitor want for money? Amazon has begun offering 99 euros.

Until 28 percent of Philips Hue and Sonos One

View Philips Hue and Sonos on Amazon

The smart lighting of Philips Hue is the recent weekly times in Amazon on the daily offer. If not yet succeeded, today is again the opportunity to get the cheapest. Especially it's interesting, because it's kept here high.

Up to 55 percent of LG 4K TV

See LG TV on Amazon

Want a big TV with UHD resolution for small money? Amazon has returned to the best price today. For example, the price of 1.349 Euro RRP, including shipping costs. If you request the daily offer on Amazon, you can choose an alternative for Notebooksbiller with this model. There is the TV available at the moment, but the sales cost can be in the amount of € 40 higher.

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