Thursday , December 9 2021

The Scary-Horror Escape Theater at Rekawinkel opened.


A person with a faint heart is not a horror escape theater that opens Halloween night in Rezinkwelt. Christian Maurer and Manuel Celeda created a haunted world for horror fans in an abandoned cottage in Buchberggasse. Visitors are drawn into the dark world through portals. The dark world can only be left in magical music boxes that have to be found before.

The structure is only possible if you break the locks, unravel the puzzles and be brave enough to pass this adventure. Imaginative designed rooms, great technical effects and creative live actors provide excitement and goose chunks waiting for visitors in the room. The technical effect was created by mechatronics engineer Erich Baumgartner. The idea for this story is the idea of ​​the author, actor, director and young businessman Manuel Celeda.

Austria's first "Fear-Rescue Theater" can be visited every weekend. Information on

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