Thursday , March 30 2023

The Kardashian family: Kim and Kanye's house threatened by injustice – People


A terrible fire in California is spreading!

So far, at least five people have died. They tried to escape from the flames and were found dead in exhausted vehicles. Due to severe burns, it is still impossible to identify.

And the end is invisible. Conversely, the fire continues to spread. Now Malibu is evacuating, and highways and highways stop burning areas.

The image of American television shows flames covering a house. They do not stop in front of celebrity homes.

Caitlyn Jenner's house is already burned. And according to the American celebrity portal "TMZ", this flame is already on the land of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Her family and the entire security team evacuated as "TMZ" reports. Flames must be getting closer to home.

The enormous fortunes of these two places were completed this year.

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Kim Kardashian's Instagram Story picturePhoto: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim wrote about the embers for her home in the story of Instagram. "Pray for Carabasas, we have just arrived home and we have to be ready in an hour to evacuate our house.

Other celebrities are affected.

Actress Alisa Milano was also threatened by the fire. She had to evacuate not only herself and her children, but also the animals. Five of them were on Twitter. They should all be safe now – at least "everyone is a heartbeat".

Authorities are encouraged to bypass the chic villas and beaches of Malibu, a famous seaside village. Many artists live. The city had already been partially evacuated.

The statement applies to the entire southern area of ‚Äč‚ÄčInterstate 101 between Ventura County and the Malibu Gorge, and includes part of a small town west of Los Angeles, which was announced on its Web site Friday morning (local time). The highway 101 is closed to a large part in both directions due to so-called Woolsey fire.

A fire broke out early on Thursday morning (local time) and spread rapidly. By Friday morning, firefighters were able to accommodate firefighters up to 5% as the California government announced. "This is a very dangerous fire," firefighter Calfire wrote on Twitter.

People from other parts of the country also reported a desperate search for relatives, burning houses and highway closures. One of California's major arteries, the Pacific Highway, was closed between Topanga Canyon and Decker Canyon, according to authorities.

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