Friday , July 30 2021

The dream of the glass of the glass

Hook tissue

In addition to epilepsy will occur Vienna Also investigates the cellular basis of other diseases, such as autism or microcephaly. In some cases it is Organoid models even say possible therapy. "I always depend on the illness that is being determined genuinely. I cannot influence model environment on the organoid. Although autism is a behavioral force, there are many diseases that explain it. I can explain it." do that stem cells Take the model and see what's different in brainorganoid. Which ion channels are involved, for example. There are appropriate medications that are attacked there, "explains jd,

In & # 39; s future is the organoid Also, we focus on drug development. "In the future, hopefully it should be possible organoid High throughput for drug testing. You must prevent yourself from having 100,000 organoid then add 100,000 medications to see how many people respond to healthy volunteers and epileptic patients. We're interested in & nbsp; the rooms you & # 39; t in & # 39; epilepsy organoid & # 39; create as & # 39; Healthy Hair Nanoid & # 39 ;, "says the biochemist.

Besides possible therapeutic applications, the organoid also help our insight into the human being resin expand. There are few here. Because though the ornamental organoid have become more complex, they are with a complete human being resin not comparable. "Functioning nerve cells or their interaction can be studied in an organoid. But strengthening how & # 39; t a thought works is not possible. The functioning of a human being resin You will only understand comprehensively about theoretical and mathematical modeling, "says jd,

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