Thursday , June 24 2021

The budget is skyrocketing: JKU wants to expand its supply and get 30 professors.

The budget is skyrocketing: JKU wants to expand its supply and get 30 professors.

Linz. The negotiating marathon in Vienna received more than € 55 million from Linz University.

From 11 am to 10 pm JKU-Rector Meinhard Lukas negotiated a budget for the Linz Kepler University at the Science Department on Tuesday. Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP) worked in Vienna to convince Treasury Secretary and member Sebastian Kurz of the apparent increase in budget.

The results were announced yesterday at Linz Country House. JKU will earn 55 million euros during the service period from 2019 to 2021 or 16% more in the non-medical sector. 60 million people were required. "These were the hardest negotiations I have ever had, even as a lawyer," he told the ministerial newspaper earlier this month that there was $ 1 billion to $ 10 million in talks.

Overall, the federal government is increasing Linz by € 105 million (27%) over the next three years. It is because 50 million people flow for medical professors. This amount is part of the fixed plan of the faculty established in 2014.

This topic was also covered on ON-TV today's broadcast.

The current negotiations were about 1.35 billion euros and the federal government will allocate 21 of the 219 universities from 2019 to 2021. Approximately 300 million of these are virtually new, and 350 million are compulsory expenditures, such as the additional clinical costs of secondary schools.

55 million are 5.5 percent of one billion cakes. Up to now, the share of JKU in the total budget is 4.5%, which is too low in terms of Upper Austria. This contributes 17% to national economic performance. It was repeatedly criticized. "JKU has now reached where it belongs," says Stelzer. Lukas stresses that this year is one of the biggest budget and strategic decisions of the University of Austria.

Industry responds positively.

According to Lukas, the extra money is used in 25 new teaching methods to improve the care ratio in law and business. There will be 30 new chairs, including medicine. One focus is the expansion of technology and scientific research. JKU's six-year development plan has increased the number of students active in the technical and natural sciences by 25%, has established a degree in mechanical engineering, and has conducted JKU's major advertising campaigns in Germany and abroad.

Joachim Haindl-Grichie, Managing Director of the Federation of Germany Industry, said: "In order to expand technical expertise and meet the demand for STEM graduates above average, additional funds are urgently needed in the industrial areas of Upper Austria. Chairman Doris Hummer says that "Investment in the future", Grne-Klubobmann Gottfried Hirz, is "a basic step." Elder Edin Kustura demands better academic conditions and pedagogy development.

University of Kepler

Approximately 20,000 students are enrolled in Linz JKU: 8,000 law school, 7,000 students in social sciences and economics, 4,500 in engineering and natural sciences, and 540 in medical sciences founded in 2014.

130 professors teach at 127 institutes.

There were 626 graduates in MINT subject to 2016/17 (latest number). Before that, it was 611, 566 and 538. The growth of this technology research is expected to be even more powerful.

The JKU budget was approximately € 392 million from 2016 to 2018, of which approximately 40 million were medicines. It will increase to 497 million. Approximately € 9 million has also been added to third-party funds such as the Company.

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