Saturday , July 24 2021

the box office launches a new vertical on the climate crisis

The innovation medium Brutkasten expands its reporting on the climate crisis and ecological challenges for the future and expands the existing EcoTech channel into its own vertical: Brutkasten Earth provides data and facts on the climate crisis and presents entrepreneurial and innovative solutions. The new department is led by renowned sustainability and technology journalist Martin Pacher, who has been part of the team from the locker rooms since 2018.

“Technology en Innovation play an important role in combating the climate crisis. With the new Vertical Breakdown Earth we will expand our reporting on innovative ClimateTech solutions from domestic and international startups and corporations, and together with the designers of the future we want to make an active contribution to climate protection, ”says Martin Pacher, Editor-in-Chief of Brutkasten Earth.

Incubator Earth: Close exchange with the community

Climate protection is not a hot topic for the cabinets. Between 2017 and 2019, the brute force team implemented the green start incubator for the Climate and Energy Fund and supported various media impact programs. The focus was on the close exchange with the innovative start-up community. “Municipal construction is an important element in reducing the negative consequences of the climate and biodiversity crisis and raising awareness together. It is my concern to get in closer contact with the community in the future to find ways together from the climate crisis, ”says Martin Pacher.

Media formats are being expanded

In recent years, Brutkasten has worked closely with key partners in the community in terms of media reporting to develop media formats tailored to target audiences. In the video format “One change per week”, which has been implemented since summer 2020 together with the Viennese impact start Inoqo around sustainability expert Markus Linder, innovative ClimateTech solutions are brought to the curtain every week.

In addition, the 2021 launch boxes began with the podcast format “Solution instead of pollution – 15 answers for 1.5 degrees” together with the start-up Glacier, which specializes in CO2 reduction. Every Tuesday, founders answer 15 questions on the topic of CO2 reduction in the podcast – starting with their own product and their business motivation for tips on how to easily save CO2 in their daily lives.

In the coming weeks and months, the brothels will further develop the multimedia formats related to the climate crisis and Climatech solutions. “In addition to solid data and facts, we will focus even more on the founders. As pioneers, they not only make courageous business and personal decisions every day, but are also a role model when it comes to climate protection, ”says Martin Pacher.

In addition to startups, there is also a focus on companies and medium-sized enterprises, which with innovative approaches make an important contribution to climate protection. “The close collaboration between startups, companies and medium-sized companies creates an important lever for reducing CO2 emissions in the future. We can only meet the biggest challenge of the 21st century if all players are brought on board, ”said Martin Pacher.

Incubator Earth as a building block for new fields of the future

“Boxes Earth is another building block in our strategy to set new priorities in terms of content in key future fields,” says Sara Grasel, Editor-in-Chief of Boxes. “With Martin Pacher, an experienced expert on the scene of ClimateTech in Austria and a top journalist, who has been covering this topic for years in the closet, this vertical takes over.”

In 2021, brothels began to further verticalize their news platform. Just one month after the start of the Finance bouts, Dominik Meisinger’s department was able to increase the number of hits to more than 500,000 pageviews in March. “With Brutkasten Finances and Brutkasten Earth, we respond with our own vertical to two focal points that are of particular interest to our readers,” says Dejan Jovicevic, Co-founder and CEO of the incubator. And further: “In the coming weeks and months, we plan a further segmentation of our content based on a data-based analysis of the interests of our target audience”.

About the incubator

At the brothels, the signs remain pointing to growth, verticalization and internationalization. By 2020, the entire Incubator Group was able to show a 60% growth in sales. The traffic on more than doubled to an average of 220,000 monthly unique clients, and the traffic of the German media portfolio of the Brutkasten Group, and Grü, grew by. New podcast formats were also launched and existing video formats were expanded. The incubator has also organically expanded its No. 1 on LinkedIn, the leading social media platform with a B2B focus, among local specialist media.

In addition, with the implementation of more than 150 events, the incubator has developed into the leading end-to-end provider of virtual and hybrid events in the DACH region. And the job and employer market platform also recorded strong increases in both job seekers and recruiters. Only at the end of March, Brutkasten completed its expansion course in Germany and took over VentureCapital Magazin, the leading platform for the private equity sector in German-speaking countries.