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Sturm Graz: President Jauk advocates Kreissl, the sports director.


Is the good image of Sport Günter Kreissl, Sturm's managing director, scratched by the dismissal of coach Heiko Vogel?

It is not club president Christian Jauk.

There are always many fathers to success, and if things do not work, I want to make a man who accepts guilt. I do not believe it. "In the end, the whole club is always away from the president, the bosses and the players, it is required in this context", emphasizing Jauk in "The Sky" and defending his sporting director.

"Günter Kreissl has a good record in SK Sturm in two and a half years and he feels his first frustration if he wants to, and I think he has the ability to show us that we are coming back from this frustration for success I'm sure. "

There is no power struggle between Kreissl and bird.

Kreissl and the pseudo-bad relationship between the bird tries to downplay the storm boss and talks about the peak of journalism.

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If a club fails in success with a Sturm enthusiast, the discussion will proceed normally. "I will not exaggerate the debate," I said, "I am always correct and respectful."

Austria becomes the successor of the bird.

"We have had discussions with Austrian coaches a year ago, but we have a new generation of young coaches, sometimes determined for Heiko Vogel, we trust a lot, we will be one of them."

Christian Jock

Success with clubs like storms is not an alternative, so we had to go birdies. His successor, Roman Mählich, was already established despite Jauk's silence on this point. He was the first in 1992 after Robert Pflug became an Austrian coach

"We gave the Austrian coach the first chance in 26 years and had a discussion with the Austrian coaches a year ago, but it was decided for Heiko Vogel, but we trust a lot of the new Austrian coaches too. It will. "

For us

Mählich is 47 years old, but at least as a coach in his specialty "young". However, a contracted coach should not be a creative invention of Creel and must support the club as a whole.

"We have a very clear statute at SK Sturm and I try to live in lieu of it.Gunter Kreissl is very important to be accountable here as a manager.We listen carefully and make fact-based decisions."

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