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Stock Exchange – Vienna Stock Exchange (Nightly) – ATX Gives Away / Airport Vienna Aheads Passenger Record 2018

The Wiener Börse has today, Monday, am
Last night at average body volume with lighter tendency
sighted. The ATX is detected at 14.15 hrs with 2.950.16 points,
is a minus of 11.06 points bb. 0.37%.

Even in Europe's Leitbörsen went bergab. Weiterhin charges
Economic care on the mood. Zum Vergleich: DAX / Frankfurt
-0.49%, FTSE / London -0.44% and CAC-40 / Paris -0.50

Zum Wochenstart hat de Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF)
said wait-and-see forecasts. For 2019, the IWF is still billing
with a rise of global BIP by 3.5% and by 2020
3.6%. In October, he hated 3.7% for both years
spring weather.

The yields of the off-the-shelf ZWF feel indescribable
aus. While Börsenprofis zu Jahresbeginn is more optimistic
Looking ahead, those Low Days are getting so bad
Estechäten who says four years cousin no more.

In Vienna, Vienna focused its attention on the airport. Im
For years, the airport-Wien-Gruppen is strong in Germany. In
Those who were in the last day of the year 2018 were 27 million
Passengers provided, including Tochter-Flughafen Kosice and Malta
the groups 34,4 million. Passengers abductively. 2019 will still be
more than 8 to 10 percent more. The papers sucked about 1.14
Per cent up to 35.35 euros.

Palfinger Papers rose by 1.15% to 26.40 Euro. The
Berenberg Bank has all the courses for the Acts of Crane Repairers
from 40.00 to 35.00 Euro donated. They will be lazy
Kaufempfehlung ("Buy") persisted.

Sweetened were Aktien der Wienerberger mit plus 0.91%
on 20,00 Euro and voestalpine with plus 0,41% on 27,23 Euro.
Everyday, Bankwerts were in trouble with a difficult European guy
Find the industry field under the exchange rate loss. Raiffeisen
lost 0.42% on 23.82 Euro, Erste Group fell by 1.67
% Of 29.50 Euro and BAWAG thanked by 1.70% on 37.06

The brimming towbar provided the ATX with 10.15 hours
2.966.66 Points, Tagstief was about 12.10 hrs at 2.940.24
Units. ATX Prime recorded a minus of 0.38%
at 1,495,94 Zählern. About 14.15 hrs note in prime market 16
Title with higher courses, 19 with further and one unchanged. In
one action is much more expensive than any training.

To date im prime market 1,300,280 (Vortag: 1,190,579)
Convert stocks (easy to use) with a range of rounds
34,921 (31,27) million Euro (Doppelzählung). Umsatzstärkstes Papier ist
bisher Erste Group with 211,551 shares traded, was all right
Course rate of around 6.26 million. Euro matches.

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