Sunday , October 17 2021

State Attorney Schmudermayer does not want to say "

Two ministers in one week: Minister for Foreign Affairs Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) today is today the Justice Minister Josef Moser (ÖVP) as a contact person in the Investigation Committee for the disputed domestic search in the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection and Counter-Terrorism (BVT). For the first time, Moser had been criticizing several critically and wanted to change the law on state law. Currently, the prosecuting prosecutor is interviewed at the Economic and Corruption State Prosecutor's Office (WKStA), Ursula Schmudermayer. It is their third appearance in the U-committee.

Moser did not make any criticism in the U-committee anywhere in the judiciary. At least no direct; At least unusual, however, he found a few things. Moser said that no other case was known to him where a ministry official contacted the prosecutor's office to demand a detention. This will be accused Udo Lett, the closest employee of the Interior Ministry Secretary General Peter Goldgruber.

Moser wants to make changes to thorough investigations

For many questions, Moser referred to the prosecution of the prosecutor's office, who repeatedly said he needed to change the need for deliberate cessation. Specifically, he considered it "useful" if the Supervisory Prosecutor's Office (OSTA) would be involved in investigations against institutions of particular interest. In the case of BVT, this has not happened because it does not preclude the law. Journalists should inform Mosers in the future in writing, which did not happen in the Causa BVT before the home search was approved. Orally, an ounce can only be possible if body and life are in danger.

From an inquiry into the affair, Moser leaves. Otherwise, it would not have been a request for a home search late night. Especially Lett has to make pressure to express suspicions.

In the late summer, Moser instructed his own group at the prosecutor's office Korneuburg to review the proceedings in the investigation into the BVT. There are no results here yet. It would be very comprehensive, said the Minister, who also recalled the various ads in the Causa, with some accusers, other suspects, and others others. Affected by this, all possible involvement in the affair – from the competent public prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer over Kickl and BVT director Peter Gridling up to Goldgruber.

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