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Star Wars 9: Damage control, known place and finally a title?

Update of 21.01.2019: on Star Wars – Episode IX practically nothing oozes out and therefore the fans are very interested in some questions. What is the example of Star Wars – Episode IXCaption? And when does the trailer come?

Like the elevated doomsday prophecies, one also forgets the date for the Star Wars – Episode IX– Trailers female on and off. Or is it just a teaser?

As a result, a new snapshot that can be included as a collaborator of CBS appointed. You want to know that Lucas film and disney Reserved for the 3rd February Super Bowl some billboards. One of these ads must be named "existing Star Wars – Episode IX This would mean that instead of a trailer one should only show a teaser, but on the other hand this would mean that this teaser goes online for February 3, otherwise it would not exist.

Like all the disasters – especially this, it's back in reddit his circles are drawn – must be viewed with eighteen and distance.

But of course it seems super handy that another court says the Star Wars – Episode IXTitle will be officially known shortly – especially since the title The last Jedi was released on January 23.


To the The last Jedi-Dank and the front Star WarsRatios is a small, secure chestnut monster Solo – Star Wars Story allowed himself disney and Lucas film Perhaps no more fails. But just looking at the negative title and changing the fandom is upset. On & # 39; one side has been canceled EA the well-known Open Worlds video game, to & # 39; the other only beats movies.

We do not want to mention this point in detail here, but the fact that the hut is bringing is mainly to be seen in the fact that Lucas film now maybe in the case of & # 39; a movie from Darth Vader jumped from & # 39; movie – was from & # 39; The fans already have a big-scale boycott Star Wars – Episode IX threatening.

Back to another famous "Star Wars" location?

In & # 39; the last few days, the ability to make the rounds we & # 39; ve entered Star Wars – Episode IX Finally, see Jeddha again. But that's not all. New reports suggest that the site also returns to the Yavin 4 rebel base.

loud Fanthatracks the production of Star Wars – Episode IX went back to the famous Cardington neck, where the Yavin shot 4 shots A new hope and Rogue One have risen. By hall 1 (A new hope) would not be available at this time, you have to use Hall 2, which is also the case Rogue One was used. However, it is indicated that it is not known now, or you are here for Star Wars – Episode IX In the past, scenes on Yavin 4 turned or only because of their greatness for one Star WarsFilm is designed.

A recurrence of Yavin 4 would be considered, at least during the aspect according to various accounts for the performance of Carrie Fisher on a mass of saynes Awakening power must be seen. And that was in any case ordered exactly there.

Both out Fanthatracks as from Star Wars News Net It is also reported that many horses are currently undergoing production, which is expected in a few months from & # 39; an illustrative image.

The latest "Star Wars" movie?

Almost lost a short interview Richard E. Grantknown to be in Star Wars – Episode IX will be with the party. What role does he play? Top Secret! Many are again Thrawn, but it is not named.

By the Graham Norton Show Grant said he was last Star WarsFilm and he did not know if he would also find him. He could not even tell his family where he was playing. If he changed his name, he would be fired. Also, he does not allow him to take the script back home again.

Which one of the & # 39; s Declaration & # 39; last & # 39; Star WarsWe believe that such a declaration, harmless as it may be, brings back a feeling Star Wars and that comes along Star Wars – Episode IX at the December 19 back to theaters

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