Saturday , June 19 2021

Stadternte Wien – 645 agricultural companies now at “Stadternte Wien”

People in Vienna can now see at first sight whether an agricultural product originates within the city limits. For this purpose, the Vienna Chamber of Agriculture created the regional umbrella brand “Stadternte Wien”, which was presented on Tuesday. In the future, it will mark products made by Viennese farmers, gardeners, winemakers and beekeepers.

Vienna is not only an urban area, but also has a remarkable agricultural economy. This is distributed over the districts Favorites, Simmering, Döbling, Floridsdorf, Donaustadt and Liesing. The 645 farms include 207 horticultural producers, 197 vineyards, 161 arable farms, 80 flower and ornamental gardeners and 16 livestock farms.

Vienna is the cucumber capital

14 percent of the urban area is reserved for agriculture, as Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) calculated. By all accounts, 4,300 of the total of 5,700 hectares of urban landscape are arable land. Viennese wine is cultivated on 637 hectares, an area the size of the districts Mariahilf, Neubau, Josefstadt and Alsergrund.

The main crops for vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. A total of 73,402 tons of vegetables were produced in the city last year. Vienna is the cucumber capital, as Ludwig claims. A total of 29,270 tonnes were harvested in 2019 – that is 65.3 percent of the total production in Austria.

When it comes to biology, Vienna, with 27 percent of organic farms, ranks second behind Salzburg in a comparison of the federal states. The city was also a pioneer here, explained the responsible city councilor Jürgen Czernohorszky (SPÖ). More than 40 years ago, work began on converting the city’s own farm into biological production. Today, it cultivates about 1,700 acres of organic land.

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