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Sono Motors calls the batteries prices Edison


Sono Motors calls subscription prices

Sono Motors plans to launch the Zion in the coming years. Now the young business has signed important contracts – sometimes at an unexpectedly high price.

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2019 will be an important year for electromobility in Germany. After years of announcements and unique unique concept cars, Daimler, Audi, VW and Co of the state of Tesla are awakened and end up (ultimately serious) electric cars. An overview is compiled here. The overview also shows: It's a lot of hell at the other end of the apartment: not with big, heavy and expensive electric SUV, but with small and smart electric cars for the city, the & # 39; t manage too much ballast.

One of these concepts comes from Munich and is developed by Sono Motors: the Zion. Now is the team to take Laurin Hahn's founder another important step to launch the Sion 2019 on & # 39; to bring the market. Continental was taken as a supplier for the role. The second largest car supplier in the world builds the complete electrical engineering, consisting of motor, electronics and transmissions.

The drive of the drive (120 kW higher power, 290 Nm), according to an e-mail from the CEO and co-founder Jonas Christian, to understand the previous values ​​of our prototype in many ways. "We can not wait to experience this bicycle experience in our year a year," writes the founder. With the decision for the drive unit of Continental is now also great: the Sion gets a front drive. Among other things, this positive effect on efficiency and refurbishment.

These electric cars will be launched in 2019:

In the positive news mix but also worse news: The battery of Sion is more expensive or expected. Much more expensive. "Emissie manipulation, diesel and climate change have increased the pressure on politicians and auto manufacturers to expand electrical mobility," writes Christian. "This leads to a growing demand in EV market and also on the fact that the price of cells is not as much as expected as originally."

Battery is more expensive than hope

Expressed in figures: In 2016, many experts have determined that the price of batteries will fall below 100 euro per kilowattstreet (kWh) to 2020. At this point, Sono Motors has separated the battery from Sion on 4,000 euros. The Sion itself would cost 16,000 euros, with the battery being about 20,000 euros. However, when it is described by Christians, the market is differently developed. For that reason, Sono makes the expectation of the battery price for a hefty 9500 euro – then a total price of 24,500 euros for the finished car. This is the Sion in # 39 with the compact VW ID. Wait basal version for less than 25,000 euros on & # 39; to get the market – not a simple environment for the first work of a start-up.

The Munich customer bought the battery from the supplier ElringKlinger. According to Christian, the total capacity of 35 kWh – the cost of kilowatt days (not included in battery usage) more than 270 instead of & # 39; the goals 100 euro. As a result, Sono has a high energy intensity combined with a "lesser lower" cobalt content than what it sees as a "best-known" battery technology. "This reduces the dependency of an important elementary and changing environment," says Jonah. "This is a step in & direction, for electromobility and for all of us."

In addition, the company has closed long-term supply contracts to ensure the series. So, even in times of great demand, enough captivity can always be available.

Sono Motors is certainly not an isolated cheese. Even large car companies have long been trying to guarantee enough battery cells and raw materials for their announcement of electric cars in clean sources. Although VW chief Herbert Diess has recently announced that they have drawn long-term contracts for delivering 50 million electric car batteries. Still, it can have the revenge that Europe does not invest in its own production, as shown by the example of Audi.

In Ingolstadt probably more batteries wanted for more than 15,000 reservations for the e-tron quattro, according to a media report, the Korean LG LG Chem has demanded a healing ten percent mark. The battery of e-tron lures 95 kWh, which is significantly greater than the Zion. If you can imagine, which amount is a 10 percent mark.

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