Monday , October 25 2021

So the earth sees Mars today


© afp / Ho / Nasa
© afp / Ho / Nasa

"Landing confirmed!"known Monday night
the US space Nasa. After a seven-month flight
And a very dramatic landing maneuvered the United States problem
Inspectorate on the Red Planet. Shortly after the landing
She made this first evidence of her landing pad on Mars, the earth at 2.30 pm Early Central European Time
reached. With a speed of 19.800 kilometers per hour
The problem had introduced the atmosphere of Mars,
Their ownership was called at 1500 degrees Celsius.
After it has fallen shield,
She turned her three legs and her parachute
and flew live to the surface of the Red Planet.
During the Tuesday, Insight was recorded according to Nasa
On her hips.
The two round sails with a diameter
of 2,20 meters are used to generate energy.
Inspection is a static geophysical observatory
with a German Schlagbohrer and a French
Seismometer on board, with the scientist
in & # 39; coming two years for the first time the Mars interior
and want to examine their structure.
Possible paths of space should be measured.
NASA hopes to see how Mars is around millions
of years ago.

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