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Red Dead Redemption 2: Revolver Curse with Mind


Our user Neowikinger wrote a detailed review of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2. Here is his opinion on this.

It has been eight years since John Marston hunted the remains of the Van der Linde gang in the Red Dead Redemption. Now Rockstar has put the clock back a little bit and we become part of a gang like Arthur Morgan.

Blow me a song of death.

How is the player introduced in RDR2? The song of death must be remembered for all gang members at the beginning of the game. After the coup d'état failed in Blackwater, the whole gang is running. Pinkertons (predecessor of the FBI today) is always on the neck.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The gangs that hang out with the followers retreat into the snowy mountains, cold and hunger are already waiting and the story begins. In this lethal environment, the game will learn some of the basic elements of the game. You will learn from other missionaries:

  • How to hunt animals
  • Role of the horse
  • How to turn off the other party
  • And of course, how important is cohesion

The task of this tutorial is not consistently persuasive and artificial because of good storytelling. Without hurting the tension: but after a short time the game will not end. Because you and Vander Linde are defeated and try to avoid the cold and the followers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Snow

After you finish the tutorial, you can see a world that has almost endless to spend more than 60 hours. 8 chapters including the first tutorial chapter are waiting for you to travel the last day of the wild west. And this journey has everything!

For a small number of dollars

What is the freedom of choice in RDR2? After the entire game world has opened for you, you can freely decide how you want to proceed further. On the other hand, you can progress through the story as well as progress. On the other hand, many aspects of activity await you.

Red Dead Redemption Campfire

How you interact with the environment is up to you.

  • Will you greet a passing coachman with friendly greetings, ignore him, or blow him away with a few dollars?
  • Are you satisfied with the gold miners on the river? Have you finally found a golden lump after a long search? Or do you think it would be better to be with you?

Red Dead Bonus 2 Raid NPC

It is about your decision! You can interact with everything that is alive. Whether good or bad, the cowboy can play, it depends on you. Of course, it includes possible outcomes such as high bounty.

What is Side Quest like? In addition to regular NPCs, you will also find little missions beyond your main story and tell your story. Again, Rockstar did not batch process and came up with a lot of things. Whether he is helping Ring Master to catch his lost animal or help a mad professor in his lab, these are just two examples of a very interesting side mission. Everyone has their own charms.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch speech

However, "The Witcher 3" is much more extensive and complicated because these missions are really good and you can make a decision if you ask yourself, "What's next?" It is related to the side mission.

You can of course spend your time in one or other poker rounds or prove your skills in a 5-finger fillet (not responsible if you bang the knife instead of between your fingers).

Horses like trees.

How important is RDR2? Your words are probably the most important companions on the trip. You have a right relationship with him and even he is flat. A higher level means that the horse's stamina is increasing, so you can ride longer in the pool gallop, and more when it gets harder.

Two varieties of RDR

To do that you have to calm it down if you regularly groat it, feed it, stroke it and calm it down. Provide additional commands, such as a thank you note, a side step. But the orders are more decorative. I do not have to use it. It is sympathy.

Of course, the biggest advantage of your horse is that you can almost certainly get where you want to be. Is it almost certain? Yes, unfortunately. If the controls are a bit stubborn, you may no longer be able to avoid the trees on time and bump into them skillfully.

Red Dead Arrest Horse

Of course, this will throw you away and cause some damage. If it pleases you, it will be just like your words. Unfortunately, this kind of accident happens very often. Even small branches can throw small stones or small stones that protrude from the floor. But the last one skipped without any problems.

RDR2 Travel: If the ride is so exhausted that the controller wants to spare, you can activate the movie mode instead of pressing the button permanently for a quick ride. All you have to do is mark the point on the map (on the PS4) and hold down the touchpad for a while. Now you can get the horse to the finish and use the road to automatically finish.

Rdr2 Trailer

But there is also a problem here sometimes. So it happened to me a few times without checking the horse in another horse or carriage. So there was an accident. Something happened on a passing train! There is room for improvement here as well. However, when these problems are solved, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery by automatically burning.

In general, you must understand the language inevitably. Since it has a fast moving function, it can not be used after activation from the beginning. Upgrading and unlocking a gang hide place allows you to move to a city you've already visited, or a city or taxi or train to another city.

Red Dead Redemption 2 4

However, you can not use this feature when traveling to camp. However, because many story missions begin, we often can not use the fast travel feature because we have to go there or ride somewhere with other gang members.

It is clear that the development period is also long here. While most games require you to manually move from point A to point B, the automatic high-speed travel feature will take effect until the end of the game, so you only have to travel a relatively short distance to your destination.

The enemy in your hand

How does the controller feel? Perhaps the biggest enemy in the game is numerous opponents, not their controllers or rather controllers. This is a pretty sponge, unfortunately, as you have already mentioned, you may not fit on a tree or cover it as you wish.

You can also grow one or other gray hair through key mapping. Do you want a gun in your saddle bag? No problem

  • Stop on PS4 just press L1
  • Use the correct analog stick to select the left or bottom pocket.
  • Press L2 or R2 as often as desired until the desired weapon appears.
  • And now we release L1.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Course

Do you want to start an assault and tie your neck around so nobody can recognize you? Good good.

  • Retake L1.
  • Then press R1 to switch to the pocket position.
  • Now use the correct analog stick to select the scarf in the lower left corner of the menu wheel.
  • I stay for a few seconds and release L1.

Comfort is different. Especially because the game world is slowing down but moving around. Therefore, there may be some mistakes in the battle.

The snow is eating.

The world of RDR2 is so beautiful. Another mention in the game world is needed. Rockstar really got out of here. You will expect a really big map as well as a well-filled map. Again, the horse or carriage meets another NPC. There are also smaller random events. I want to help the snake-bite NPC be with you to the end.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Landscape

And animals! You can not swear it. Whether you are too close to flying small birds or crocodiles when you come too close, everything your heart wants is expressed. It is also possible to hunt. Rockstar created its own empire for all species.

In wetlands you can find crocodiles in wild meadows or wide meadows rabbits. There are so many animals. They can be used for example as well as great animation. Of course you can leave your body if you have to hunt too much by skinning for useful improvement. These even start to decay after some time! There is even a lack of diversity along with the landscape. Swamp, meadow, steppe, forest or snow-capped mountains. The eyes really get something on offer.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wolf's Forest 2

What is left over?

Is there an "edgame" in RDR2? What happens when it's over? Van der Linde What if you filled in the top and bottom of the equipment and successfully delivered the story? Well, here I must admit, I would have expected more. Of course you can still play.

  • Follow the animal more.
  • Making the city unsafe
  • Rob a few moves

Unfortunately, nothing new. You can "only" what you could do in the main game. Here I would not want one or the other to open to motivate me to continue playing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So you have to wait until Red Dead Online starts and you have a new adventure.

Conclusion: All penny values

Advantages and Disadvantages: Red Dead Redemption 2 offers exciting stories, heavyweights and, above all, a lively game world. Yes, fast travel features and controls need improvement, but not everything can be perfect in this size game. Rockstar has once again demonstrated a lot of passion for the game and has to bring in half the finished game in the market.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Portrait

And even after the story is over, even if there is no news, there is still enough content to spend more time. If you ask whether Red Dead Redemption 2 is worth buying in full, there is only one answer. Yes! The game is worth every penny!

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