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Real Madrid star Toni Kroos on David Alaba


Ex-DFB star Toni Kroos plays for Real Madrid.

Ex-DFB star Toni Kroos plays for Real Madrid.

Image: / Oscar J. Barroso

Last summer, David Alaba moved from FC Bayern to Real Madrid on a free transfer. After 13 years in Munich, he ventured abroad and was looking for a new challenge and signed with the Spanish record champions for five years.

Around the transfer, however, the public discussion revolved mainly around how much Alaba will earn in Madrid. Allegations of greed were loud, at last after the “Spiegel” published the salary of the Austrian. Therefore, the defender earns 19.47 million euros annually plus a one-time payment of 17.7 million euros as cash.

Alaba on accusations of greed

In the podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” by the brothers Toni and Felix Kroos, Alaba tries to explain how these accusations arise: “I think it’s a little harder today with social media, then it’s interpreted from many angles. A lot of factors come together that make it look like that. But I’ve repeatedly explained my point of view and my motives. Why. Why “That’s so hard to say.”

Toni Kroos adds: “You could have been the easy way too. You earned yourself a position there (in Munich), you would have won an absolute top contract, you have rolled out the red carpet – and after so many successful years, you still say: I will take up this challenge again. The feedback ‘Respect, he does something new’ is far too bad for me. And much more this: ‘He follows the money.’ “

The trio also talks about the time after the move from Alaba to Madrid. Alaba reveals that he has now found a home: “Step by step we are setting up as a family, but also personally with the team. I feel really good now, the first time was very fun.”

Toni Kroos notes that Alaba already speaks Spanish well. The 2014 world champion wants to know: “When did you start learning Spanish? And don’t tell me now: two months ago …” Alaba later confirmed, “Yes, yes, I started at the hotel.” Kroos replies with a laugh: “You do not like the fact that you can do it so well now.”

“In the third week I go to the steam room and then he (Toni Kroos) lies there with dumbbells. I say, ‘Anton, what’s happened to you in the last seven years?'”

David Alaba on how Toni Kroos has changed.

Toni Kroos and Alaba already played together in Munich between 2010 and 2014, and have been reunited in Madrid since the summer. In this context, Alaba also explains what, from his point of view, has changed in Toni Kroos:

“In Munich I did not see Toni really regularly in the weight room, let’s say: not at all. And in the first week I see Toni in the weight room every day. And Toni comes in. In the second week with an exercise ball he suddenly does abdominal exercises, stick exercises in the steam room. I say, ‘Toni, what’s up with you?’ In the third week I go to the steam room and then he lies there with dumbbells. “What’s happened to you in the last seven years? ‘In the fourth week I’m going downstairs and he’s in the sauna on the bike.”

Finally, the three talk about racism that 29-year-old David Alaba has had to experience so far: “In my childhood and youth, I was more influenced than I am now.” He also adds: “It’s incredibly unfortunate that things like that in the US have to happen to raise people’s awareness. But it was also good that people became more attentive. You’ve seen a lot of campaigns and you can see that development is taking place and that there is still a long way to go. We can all make a contribution. “

Felix Kroos adds: “Especially because it should not only be at the moment campaigns are started, but it should be lived in daily life. I think it’s important that we take action with our reach and our voice. “


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