Monday , June 14 2021

Paris plays with Michelin as Ghosn successor to Renault

Boulogne-Billancourt (APA / Reuters) – French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has led Michelin boss Jean-Dominique Senard as leader of the prison in Japan Renault star Carlos Ghosn in "no conversation". Senard is a recognized leader in the automotive business, Le Maire has told the Journal of Dimanche.

In addition, the Michelin boss has shown that he can lead a large business group and is aware of his social office's social responsibility. "It is now up to directors' board to investigate the proposals of a commissioner's committee," Le Maire said, and the government, the largest Renault shareholder, will have a say.

Ghosn has been in marina in Japan since November 19. Reason is ratings that they consider to be former boss of a Renaiss sister company Nissan. The 64-year-old is said to have lost his income. In addition, the electing Gosnus has also accused of serious lack of trust. Ghosn himself – once the driving force behind Renault's auto-alliance, Nissan and Mitsubishi – says he is "illegally accused".

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