Monday , November 29 2021

One does not know that he is HIV-positive – health


Despite adverse reactions to HIV, according to UN experts, 25 percent of people worldwide are unaware that they are HIV positive. Last year lived as 9.4 million people with the HI virus on earth without knowing it.

In 2015, however, the share is still up to 33 percent, or a report published on Thursday Uno Unaid program. Here is the situation in West- and Central Africa very problematic.

Although only six percent of total population lived there, one third of # 39; 9.4 million people were infected with HIV. The treasures were obtained by Unaids to be presumed by models of data.

In addition, the report in more than half of all HIV-infected people worldwide, the virus is not suppressed in the blood. This may be because a patient is not treated or the treatment is not successful.

If the HIV is as good as suppressed, the patient can give up the virus and much more adapted to disease. In a successful treatment, the immune system can normally work and HIV can not be transmitted, according to Unaids.

The report was released on December 1 in the World AIDS Day training. The UN has itself set an ambitious goal to end the epidemic by 2030. But in approximately 50 countries, the number of rational people is increasing. In 2016, 36.9 million people worldwide face HIV, compared with 36.3 million a year earlier.

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