Monday , November 29 2021

Nissan denied Carlos Ghosn


Three days after the arrest of auto-director Carlos Ghosn in Japan, the board of Nissan's car manufacturer decided in accordance with media reports, his resignation. The panel contained the resolution to prevent Ghosn as president of Nissan, NHK and the Nikkei newspaper Thursday. Ghosn was arrested on Monday in Tokyo, after he was asked by the runner. He is charged for years to explain a lot of low incomes. He also left Nissan's capitalized and bought astronauts in four countries.

Impact in France

The affair of the Renault Nissan boss Ghosn still has great waves. In France, attention is paid to the existence of the hitherto checked by the car from Ghosn. In Paris, France's Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire will meet the Japanese economic minister-minister Hiroshige Seko on Wednesday. Both departmental agencies want the French-Japanese auto-alliance to save in crisis. The alliance includes Renault and Nissan and the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi.

Comparison of Bond Regulations

Ghosn and Kelly were arrested on Monday for representative land market reports. The two drivers say they are miscreased in official reports to the Japanese Stock Exchange and put it too low in Ghosn's case. Ghosn has been a total of 5 billion yen (39 million) income since 2011, the media had reported.

A court of Tokyo heard Wednesday that the 64-year-old Ghosn was first held for another ten days. Renault earned the chief manager Thierry Bolloré for the time being spent as Ghosn is "prevented". Ghosn remains only chairman and director.

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