Friday , April 23 2021

New weapons trailer for Metro Exodus

Deep Silver and 4A Games are today losing a weapon trailer for Metro Exodus. Included with new video games and impressions of iconic and picturesque weapons, the new trailer shows the deadly arsenal by Artyom and his group Spartan Ranger on their thrilling journey with the Aurora through post-apocalyptic Russia.

The Metro series is always known for its unique firearm. For Metro Exodus, 4A games fully translate the weapon system to ensure each weapon is mechanically functional, field adjusted, and can capture hundreds of tactical changes. The weapons should now be cleaned and saved to prevent over-loading and interference, and yet another dimension to be given to any addictive Metro Series gameplay.

In addition to the Weapon Trailer, Deep Silver and 4A Games, multiple videos will be published over the upcoming weeks, giving deeper insights into four main classes – pistols, fights, guns, and special weapons. These videos show only a small part of possible combinations that players can & # 39; find and collect Russian wetlands.

Already in the morning, another video on the official YouTube channel will show Metro Exodus to see a closer look at the arms class with legendary Kalash, the deadly bulldog and Anna's favorite gun, the mighty Valve .

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