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Nazan Eckes + Julian Khol: "We are not saints"


Those who have experienced this couple feel like a freshly loved fire. have
, 42 and
Julian Cole
, 38 years old, have already been together for 10 years, 6 of whom are married.

Nazan Eckes & Julian Khol: Marriage and family life.

Nazan Eckes and Julian Khol have been married for six years.

Nazan Eckes and Julian Khol have been married for six years.

TV presenter and Austrian artist met at Life Assistant Ball in Vienna. "I have rescued Nazan from a green-painted man with a silver thong, now they are sitting on the sofa of a California vacation home, he sold his arm by accident, but they are not on vacation here." Nazan Eckes, In the meantime, Julian Khol is inspired by the art world in Los Angeles, and his son Lounis, 4, Ilyas, 2 finds something new every day.

GALA: Nazan, is it clear that the whole family is coming to California immediately?

Nazaneks: If you do not have the opportunity to do it with your family, you would never have promised it. Five weeks without children and Julian? I no longer do anything by myself. We are now alone.

Gala: How did the project start?

Nazan: When the Hollywood request came, I thought there was a person who was making a bad joke. Now I am here and it feels like a dream.

Gala: Julian?

Julian Cole: Half a year ago, we already considered whether we should go abroad. The idea is always in the room with us, we are like migratory birds. Nazan's job is a good way to try it. For a while we were bound to one place through the birth of our children. Now the children are old enough and we can fly with them and discover something new.

Gala: When you think about moving overseas, where do you want to move?

Nazan: We actually talked about L.A. But for me it was too far from friends and family. Turkey is always an important issue for me. And Italy fascinates us all – it's nothing we married in Florence. But perhaps Julian and I will not migrate until we reach the age of 70 until the children leave the house. (laugh)

Gala: Do you have to work for someone else?

Julian: When we met, we decided to share everything between us. For children, Nazan also stressed how important it is to her. She hardly sleeps, so when she has a hard time for three days, I inherit her children. And when I fall into an exhibition madness or go to Berlin for a week, she manages everything. No one should stand back for the other.

Gala: Sounds amazingly harmonious.

Nazan: We are not just accomplished saints. We also know it well. One stresses a person on the job trip, stressed, and confesses everything at home. Who has the privilege of sleeping? There is also slight friction.

Julian: If there is no healthy conflict, there is no relation. It should crack.

Nazan: That's right. (laugh)

Gala: Who is quieter in the debate?

Julian: I have a shorter fuse. Nazan is generally much more bearable. She also spends longer without sleep. And she is not angry and can endure much longer. But she always appreciates me when I start. Then she can leave.

Nazan: I am like a balloon inflated by itself. Julian pictures – and it burst from me.

Gala: Are you kidding?

Nazan: (See him) Julian is like cleaning a third child.

Julian: Yes.

Nazan: There is a constant chaos in my house. Sometimes I go out because I am cleaning and constantly circling. When I get to the top I can start downstairs again. It is one thing we always discuss. But nothing changes.

Gala: Would you call it "artistic freedom"? Julian?

Julian: Rather a little messie. (Wink and laugh) Nazan has already been trained to organize me.

Gala: What makes you excited about Nazan?

Julian: nothing.

Nazan: Come on!

Julian: So, harassing me means that you can not open your mouth. When she feels sick, she feels annoyed for two days instead of harassing her. I have to ask her 100 times: What happened? He imitates her. Voice) "Nothing happens." Come on, what's going on? "Nothing!" At some point she will say it. And I think: Hey, did you say two days ago the problem would be solved a long time ago? (Laughter)

Gala: How have your relationships changed over the years?

Nazan: Today I feel Julian unconditional and deep love. Through the children, we created our own world. We experience the way they talk and walk together. Of course we have to get back together. We do not go out unlike the old days and can not hug comfortably on the sofa for 5 hours on Sundays. But we are always looking at each other for more than two minutes. I feel so strong with Julian and the children. I could tear the trees!

Julian: Love is like a computer game. You can do it from level to level. And it makes her very interesting because of all her obstacles. Our secret is not only to experience together but also to discuss them. Of course, everything brings the seriousness to the children. So I admire more single parents today. None of us will be able to handle this tremendous responsibility. This knowledge welds us together. We are like Wonder Woman and Captain America.

Gala: Make each other still. compliment?

Nazan: In fact every day I love Julian's wild curly hair. He has worn very intermittently for years. And I also like his eyes very much. But I do not want to cut it out because there are many other beautiful things behind this beautiful eye.

Julian: We always tell ourselves that we are harassing or pleasing.

Nazan: If I just sleep for three hours, Julian is most admired. Dark circles are deep and my head is on my neck. Then he turns around the corner and says, "You look great!" And my day is saved.

Julian: You always look pretty good.

Nazan: That is not true. But I have a job that focuses on appearance. Julian strengthens me in a totally different direction. It does not matter to me whether I sound perfectly configured or rattled. He does not like it anyway. Or you have the first signs of staying in their 20s. He makes me feel great as a woman. I feel terrible, but I feel good on his side.

Gala: Do not you come to a common denominator on a topic?

Julian: I have to see "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" alone.

Nazan: You do not need to do this through the Instagram scrolling. Sometimes I put it on for too long, but I enjoy it. Julian is right. Life is much more fun than social media.

Julian: Everywhere we do not come to a common denominator: Nazan never leaves me a cup of coffee.

Nazan: He only accepts 3 cups of coffee. I always forget to leave him something in my cup.

Gala: What do you have with each other? Did you learn?

Julian: I am still closed and lonely. But I learned from Nazan and her family to be more open.

Nazan: I learned from Julian that I can acknowledge my mistakes more quickly. I am incredibly stubborn! This is sometimes the pride of a Turk who sits deep in the middle of me. Julius read the Levites many times. Today I am a little relieved and make me a crown to apologize. By the way, I think Julian is just about cookies. He keeps the zero at zero in time, appointment or preparation. How often did he stand somewhere sweating and think: When will he come?

Gala: Do you have an example?

Nazan: Recently, only in nursery school events. Children's white shirts are ready for ironing. I have already worn. Ten minutes before we leave, he is still not with the children. Then they come home. Everybody rots.

Julian: … but happy! (Laughs)

Nazan: I had to get ready in five minutes. At this event, Lounis performed for the first time on stage with a small vocal group. Of course we came too late. We are always too late. It's debatable. Julian does not watch the clock.

In a GALA interview, Nazan Eckes

"I am not a super mom"

August 7, 2017


Gala: You've previously wanted to share everything between yourself. It is also true. Household?

Nazan: I do 100 percent at home. (laugh)

Julian: No, no! I took care that the house did not break on our heads, the light was everywhere, and the garden seemed reasonably good. I do housekeeping. She is a housekeeper.

Gala: Who brings out the trash?

Nazan: In fact, it was Julian's job. Quietly and secretly he walked to me. Julian likes shopping. I hate shopping. I'd rather clean my house five times, wash it, and remove iron. There is something meditative to me in housework.

Gala: What do you want to know about Julian doing well?

Nazan: I want to be so sure.

Julian: Really?

Nazan: It is about the safety you have in your daily life. When someone pushes in front of me at the cash desk, he does not say anything. If you do not like food at the restaurant, you do not say anything. Just do not get interested. You are honest and push your rights.

Julian: I want to have your patience. If something does not work right away, I'm going crazy. It is one of my biggest weaknesses. I hate it and fight it.

Gala: Nazan, your husband's last name was in his passport after the wedding. Do you plan to publicly discard the name Eckes?

Nazan: At some point I want to change it – Eckes makes me a stage name. So if I book something or write a complaint letter, I can hide it nicely behind my surname. (laugh)

Julian: Eckes has become a television brand. Of course, everyone in kindergarten takes their children because they know who the mother is.

Nazan: At home, I fall back into my role …

Julian: At mom's house.

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