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Moneycab> UK Cabinet approves draft agreement with EU and Brexit


London – The British Cabinet has approved the EU and Brexit draft agreements. This was announced by Prime Minister Theresa May after meeting with the Minister for five hours on Wednesday evening in London. It was a difficult decision, particularly in relation to the controversial issues in Ireland. Nevertheless, we can talk about the best possible agreement that can be negotiated.

If the leaders of the remaining 27 countries agree, the vote for the settlement in the British Parliament will be clear. But there is a bipartisan opposition to the draft. Whether the government can reach a majority is questionable. Above all, the solution to how to prevent border control between Northern Ireland and EU member states is controversial.

Resistance to "backstop"
The European Union is asserting that it can not control the island of Ireland. But the so-called backstop faces fierce opposition from Brexit hardliners in May's Conservative Party and Northern Ireland's DUP. His council is dependent on the minority government of parliament.

The UK will initially remain a European Customs Union.
The United Kingdom and the European Customs Union in an emergency. Nevertheless, there seems to be a broader provision in Northern Ireland.

This would bring a DUP especially to the barricades that resisted any special treatment in Ireland. Also, ask the Conservative Party in May that there may be restrictions on Brexit hardliners. Both men threaten to fail the agreement.

Labor offers opportunity for new elections
It can also be a threat to the other side. Opponents of the Parliament's Brexit hope to have a second Brexit referendum in May's defeat and thus remain in the European Union. Labor opposition seizes opportunity for new elections.

In question time at the previous Council of the State Council, May defended this convention. The UK is a "good deal". But Peter Bone, a member of the Mays and Brexit hardliner, warned that "we will lose the support of many conservatives and millions of voters."

Exit without consent.
If the agreement announced by the Westminster Council fails to find a majority, the withdrawal will be threatened without consent and will have a major impact on the realm of life. But first it would be the end of the May government.

Blame movement for May?
British media, meanwhile, speculated that the Tories' information would be asked by 48 Tory lawmakers if they lose confidence in May.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has vigorously warned Britain about the disruptive Brexit. Leaving the EU is not the only problem, but it is the greatest risk to the UK economy. The German economy has also warned of major risks. Eric Schweitzer, chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce, said: "Brexit is costly for businesses due to imminent tariffs or Brexit bureaucracy, but unregulated Brexit will be a disaster." (Awp / mc / pg)

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