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"Ma fr Ma": The Shakespeare-Western plays in the theater summer


"Ma fr Ma": The Shakespeare-Western plays in the theater summer

HAAG. Intendant Dolezal has joined Angelika Niedetzky and other cabaret actress.

Ten actors act in the Hague version of "Ma fr Ma". Florian Carove, Charlotte Krenz, Angelika Niedetzky, and Christian Dolezal's intendent Christian Dolezal (in the picture from above) are very involved. Image: Pertramer

The almost twenty-year history of the theater theater Haag runs out: Shakespeare has always been taken to the program if the previous year does not come as a demand – economical, artistic or both. The British Gromeister's stomach was also proven to be a vicious lifeguard.

Haag's first theater secretary Serge Falck, after the landslide landing with "Figaros the Greatest Day", applied the Klamauk "Shakespeare's entire works". Gregor Blob is on the deficit followed by "The Naked Madness" following the "Summer Night Dream". Christian Dolezal, the current artistic director, went on safely after the experiment with "Don Quijote" and landed with "what you wanted" the hoped for great success.

Pschill is directing again

This time everything is different. Shakespeare is following Shakespeare. According to "what you want," the audience will be able to see "Ma fr Ma" next summer. "The reason was that Alexander Pschill tended to tend to Shakespeare rather than other stacks," writes Gerhard Stubauer. There were quite a number of works by other authors.

That Peshill again stakes Shakespeare, promises continuity. So far, the theater summer has always been a change in the choice of pockets, and then and for the same risk, which has been well worth the money, for example, at "Jgersttter".

Also in the ensemble in 2019 there are faces that you have already seen on the theater summer pub. In addition to Dolezal, who will once again be active on the bhne, Charlotte Krenz and Florian Carove have promised. As a prominent disruption, Kabarettist Angelika Niedetzky was taken to the boat. She was also involved with the Amstetten musical summer magazine.

Pschill wants to "Ma fr Ma" as a "Western style" as he himself says. The story deals with a mayor, who has become increasingly inferior in the reign of a governor, to go on a journey, and his vice entrusted with the rule. However, the trip is only predicted. So, the head of the city is experiencing how his sit-ups representative leads a wild fight against the red light environment. After a raid in a brothel, one of the accused guns is condemned to death. Then his wife gets into action.

The premiere of "Ma fr Ma" will take place on July 3, 2019. All the information about the theater magazine Haag can be found at www.theatersommer.at. Cards can now be sent to Tel. (07434) 44600. By December 31, there are ten percent discount on full-price cards.

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