Wednesday , December 8 2021

Lose quick performance and scandal penalty.


Football record champ Rapid was in trouble to fight for the Bundesliga championship round. Hütteldorfer scored two goals in Sunday's WAC 1 to 3 but could not score again in Altach in the second half. Vienna dropped to eighth place in the 14th round. WAC is already in third place ahead of eight.

The home team achieved perfect revenge in 11 days after defeating 0-3 in the eighth finals of the cup. Following the goals of Rapids Thomas Murg (age 37) and Dever Orgill (age 46), it took a long time despite the WAC superiority after the lottery. However, judge Christian-Petru Ciochirca was unjustly punished during the injury time. Michael Liendl used the monarch (93). Two minutes later, the game designer hid the sack as the sixth goal of the season.

It can be assumed that the four games that WAC has never seen before have entered the top playoffs and have won their third and final victory. Seventh storm Graz is already eight points away like rapids. Vienna scored a 0-0 draw against Villarreal in the Europa League on Thursday. Juventus has no good prospects in the international arena.

Beinn's WAC is far more agile and playful

Wolf Berger expressed himself better than in a cup duel. The coach Christian Ilzer's team was more cautious and happy, especially on the train to the door. Highball repeatedly pose a risk in the Rapid penalty area. In the second half, Marc Andre Schmerböck, whose lead was in the air, was out of the best position. Quick goalkeeper Richard Strebinger was not surprised by Orgill header (29).

Hütteldorfer, started without a sick Mario Sonnleitner, did not catch it after 30 minutes. Veton Berisha was replaced by WAC goalkeeper Alexander Kofler instead of injured Romanian Andrei Ivan. The Joker was back in the game soon. At 13 meters, Norge's cross of Marger entered the square. The last offensive player in Altak was the third goal of the season.

WAC lacked the efficiency needed. Orgill ran towards the goal in the match against Strebinger, but played for goalie (42). Instead, Strebinger sprinkled uncertainty about the next move. He scored a climb as he tried to pass, but after rescuing Jamaica, he saved the pole for ÖFB's replacement keeper (45 + 2).

Controversial penalties lead to decisions.

Shortly after the resumption, the Karinthians rewarded for their good performance. Rapidler was mentally in the cabin and had to accept the reward in 23 seconds. Schmerboeck Cross Org took no trouble completing it at 4m. Thursday Ilzer, who extended the contract until the summer of 2020, came out late in the cabin. He missed 1-1 of the party.

Both teams did not want to settle for the second half with a draw. The weak Orgill conclusion hampered the WAC's first leadership (# 66) and Murg (# 67) on the other. Philipp Schobesberger helped Kühbauer after surviving a hip injury in the 29th minute. He joined the circle at the age of 24 and played his last league match in the Lavant Valley on May 27th. Schobesberger also began counterattacking, but Berisha was missed (72).

The closer the victory was, the more the home team was. In the Leitgeb header, which missed just 73rd (73rd), Schmerbock's shot kept the pole of Rapid (77th). I was still confused during the injury time. The referee fired a Potzmann foul on Marcel Ritzmaier, but he was right outside. The punishment was still there and thanks to Liendl. Shortly thereafter, he made two double dustbins perfect. WAC was able to congratulate Rapid on its first victory after failing seven times in a competitive game.

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