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Over the past few months, cookie boxes have been a relevant source of revenue for numerous restaurateurs in most closed businesses, employment for employees and an important tool for keeping in touch with guests. Two entrepreneurs from Berlin are now getting ready to take the subject of cooking boxes in top gastronomy to a new level and turn it into guests for a fine dinner at home.

voilà ( – a new portal, unique in this country, for refined menu offerings for the home. Several Michelin-starred restaurants are among the first partners: the vegetarian “Cookies Cream” with head chef Stephan Hentschel from Berlin (1 star), the Mannheim OPUS V (2 stars), Dr. KOSCH from Düsseldorf (1 star) and the SOLA (1 star). In addition, the Neukölln bar “TISK”, which was awarded a Green Michelin star. Following the launch in Germany, European expansion is planned.

New guests and target groups throughout Europe

“Even then, we noticed that the delivery company could not reach many potential customers outside the delivery area with the classic offerings,” explains Wiesenhütter. “At the same time, it was difficult to convince the top restaurateurs and bosses in a city that delivery could also be possible and interesting for them. This is the perfect time for us to combine our experience in the sector, combined with the demand. “with culinary diversity and a unique home experience in this hitherto new offering, which was previously unavailable. With our concept, we want to support restaurants and chefs in opening new business premises and building a community outside their own city limits,” says Julius Wiesenhütter out.In this way, restaurateurs will reach new guests and target groups throughout Europe in the future.

How does the concept work?

The customer orders on Wednesday last night an exclusive 3 to 5 course menu from the restaurant of his choice on the Home Fine Dining Portal, which is prepared on Thursday morning, repackaged, and picked up in the afternoon and sent by voilà, The customer receives after all, within 24 hours the menu of his choice and can complete it at any time during the weekend in just a few simple steps. The chefs present their menu and their finish in individually created videos, which the customer can call up with a QR code. Almost like in a restaurant at the table. A music list tuned to the menu and accompanying wines complete the unique home experience.

Lucrative income opportunities for restaurateurs

The price for the menu is between 40 and 100 euros per person. “With the minimum order quantity of two menus, we always reach an interesting shopping cart size,” emphasizes Wiesenhütter. “The liquor accompaniment also offers lucrative profit opportunities for the restaurateurs.” does not charge a basic fee from its partner chefs, but receives a percentage of the order value.

As a service provider, voilà undertakes key operational activities, such as setting up and coordinating national and European logistics and the digital infrastructure, as well as providing high quality packaging for passive cooling of the dishes. Above all, however, voilà supports its partners with efficient and customized marketing that helps them open up completely new audiences. The company attaches particular importance to sustainability, as voilà provides its partners with 100% recyclable insulation and water-based refrigerants for shipping.

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