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LASK got an extra motivation from Kühbauer


LASK got an extra motivation from Kühbauer

In the first season, Christian Ramsebner, who is fit again, hit the 2-1 victory in the TGW Arena. Image: GEPA

LASK got an extra motivation from Kühbauer

PASCHING. The Rapid coach appreciates the quality of his players.

By Günther Mayrhofer,
                November 24, 2018 – 00:04

"In a soccer field," Rapid would have to face the LASK, said Rapid Coach Dietmar Kühbauer before the duel in the Bundesliga – a bigger motivation might not be for the athletes in front of the away game (at 5 pm).

Not only in view of the table, Chühbauer's statement was daring. However, he himself regrets: "We have an opponent in front of the door with Salzburg playing the best football with Salzburg and the most compact team in the league." This is not a contradiction: the LASK is more than the sum of the items – where Kühbauer must develop its team first.

LASK got an extra motivation from Kühbauer

Dietmar Kühbauer

Picture: APA

Whether the LASK is to play as a favorite in the game? LASK coach Oliver Glasner: "It's really crap I do not know who is when where is favorite." He did not have much to do with the fact that the LASK had not won 13 games in a row against Rapid and did not score a goal in the recent five league games at the Hütteldorffern. Unlike previous Parties in Vienna, the LASK travels today. Glasner: "I asked the team that the players have said they prefer."

Since May 2000, Sieglos

When the LASK won the last time against Rapid, the third goalkeeper Tobias Lawal was not born yet. On May 27, 2000, Jürgen Panis scored the goal for the 1-0 victory. Only 3500 spectators lost their way to the last round of the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium.

Today it will be much more – because it's going to be much more. Quickly depends on your own claims. The LASK has played where the Viennese wanted to position at least: the first successor of Meister Salzburg. Now, Rapid is under the "strike" and threatens to miss the championship of the first six – then tomorrow it might be the last seasonal case with the LASK. "I do not have to give the team any job, everyone knows where we are in. The Sunday game is very important," said Rapids sports director Fredy Bickel – especially before the general meeting on Monday.

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