Tuesday , May 11 2021

Landeckerweg is closed after a raid, gallery is built

Landeck – Monday morning at 9 o'clock came to the south of Landeck after a massive ferry crash on the Landeckerweg. The L76 is closed to about 18 clockwise between the disaster and the stream in both directions. A weakening through the Landecker tunnel was developed and adapted.

An auto was injured scandal, according to the department of Landeck fire department. The sender came away with horror.

The fire brigades of Landeck and Fliess and the road maintenance team roll the rock in tomorrow – as one cubic meter – from # 39; the way. First precautions were taken.

At 18 o'clock on L76 must walk again. "The day has made the attempts to remove more loose rock and remove the dense forest and the root system in this area," says State Geologist Werner Thöny.

700 meters long gallery is being built

This is not the first time that Lint crashed between Landeck and Fließ by rock. The state of Tyrol Monday included in a broadcasting a massive structure to secure. "We make a 700 meter long gallery on L76 in the beside rock-prone area south of the Landecker's entrance. The carpet has already begun and will be high The start of the construction is expected in 2020, "states Landeshaptmann representative Josef Geisler.

The decision was made in June on the basis of a geological geological and geotechnical evaluation, stated in the release. In addition, security measures are carried out with blockware equipment, rock networks and rockfish protectors on a total of 51 sites. (TT.com)

About a cubic meter of rock dance on & # 39; the road.

fire – land Landeck

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