Friday , May 7 2021

Jens Büchner deceased: Daniela Katzenberger finds out sympathetic

Ludwigshafen –

Daniela Katzenberger is best known for expressing her opinion. Be the things of her private life, subjects of daily life – or even the death of Jens Büchner.

"Malle-Jens" died of 'lung cancer in # 39; The age of 49 at 17 November (read more).

The participation in the early death of # 39; The TV emigration was great. Maybe a little too big?

In all of these, Katzenberger requires the intentions of some "friend".

Daniela Katzenberger criticized sympathy for Jens Büchner's death

In an interview with "Colorful", she says: "I thought it was a bit sharp everyone was jumping to this funeral and then knocking on, I thought it was true that everyone was falling."

Without the names, the card implements the injector's matching messages from the hypocrite: "This exaggerated sympathy, if you know that they have nothing to do with it."

And added: "I'm telling myself about myself, I do not have to make ten messages."

Daniela Katzenberger about Jens Büchner: "Not very close to that"

Even TV emigration Andreas Robens was criticized by the participation in the death of Jens Büchner (read here).

About her relationship with Büchner Katzenberger says: "I was not worried about you."

But her mother Iris to Daniela Büchner retains a nice relationship. In a phone call her mother Iris her condolences.


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