Tuesday , June 22 2021

Japanese auto participant left Infineon

munichJapanese auto-sharing Denso has Infineon shares as 50 million euros. The two companies declared this Monday. Companies say they should intensify their future in the future than before, especially in & nbsp; the future fields of autonomous driving and electromobility.

It is an extraordinary step to get the Infineon customers not belong to the shareholders of the company Dax. But both sides see in-app only benefits. Cooperation strengthens the "connection with the Japanese industry and our position in Japan and the global halve market," said Infineon chief Reinhard Ploss.

Denso, from the other side, expects easier access to the science of Munich. "Strong partnerships with semi-fixed companies are important for us to get access to the most semi-complete solutions for automotive electronics systems," said Hiroyuki Ina, Senior Director of Denso.

The Denso contribution is beneficial for Infineon for various reasons. Traditionally, suppliers from abroad strove to Japan. The close connection of Dax Group now has a direct right for an important client in the country.

Denso has sold over $ 42 billion in the past fiscal year. The company is about the same size as Continental, one of the main Infineon customers in # 39; the automotive in Germany.

In addition, Infineon has participated in Japan. By comparison, in Japan, Infineon sent 7% of sales in the last fiscal year (September 30), equivalent to 534 million euros. Germany, at & # 39; other hand, paid 14 percent of & nbsp; The return, although the country has less residents. The main competitor of Infineon in Japan is the international group Renesas.

With her closer connection to Denso Infineon also lessens dependent on the important German car events and ultimately also the German automotive industry. The cars are Infineon's most important clientele. The auto division has recently recouped 43 percent of sales and has grown by ten percent compared to the previous financial year. In the meantime, Infineon supplies chips for spray improvements in car and sensors.

Infineon does well

Denso bought the shares in the market, a spokesperson says on demand. The time is favorable, for the price in the past year has fallen through a neighborhood. The company is in good health.

The semi-football group has a conference of # 39; Analyst to the recent business demand for most of the industry, while selling the salesweight of its major auto industry in China and Europe in October, Achal Sultania analyzed the last week in a sectoral survey.

Also in the industry there are signs of a longer moment. Nevertheless, in the short term, however, nothing changes in the long term of the semi-fixed company in these two areas, said the banker.

For the coming few months it looks good, CEO said in the afternoon. "We start the business year with well-deserved books and want to grow on a top-level preparation," Ploss said. The engineer has sales sales of between 9 and 13 percent for the just starting fiscal year. Especially the car division must contribute to this.

In some areas, Infineon can provide as much as possible as customers want. Instead of 13 weeks or normally, some buyers will have to wait for 26 weeks, Sales Sales Director Helmut Gassel is. As a result, the group invested a strong investment in new plants and factories.

At the beginning of the month, Villach officially began the construction of a new plant, including Infineon in & # 39; in the coming years wants to earn 1.6 billion euros. Currently, the major productions in Dresden and Kulim have also expanded in Malaysia.

Infineon left open what part of the company Denso right now. In any case, the exhibition is below the reported value of three percent. Infineon does not answer how Denso has been preparing to get larger stocks of shares and thus affecting the company's business.

The full swirling of Infineon would be a strength of strength, despite the recent decline of the Denso Course Award: The market marker Germany's largest chip producer with 20 billion euro.

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