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Incurable disease can be the cause


Injuries of increased COPD: First symptoms are often taken seriously

Especially now in the cold period, long bulb is often not taken seriously enough or is present at a modern flu or a cold one. But the complaints can also be caused by an earlier unacceptable widespread illness: COPD.

The third foreground of death of # 39; the world

If there is a fall in winter in the autumn and winter, this is often explained by the fact that just the defenses in & # 39; The cold period is not strong enough and you have also found a flu or a gyroscope. But the symptoms may also indicate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Though this illness is the third most influential cause of death worldwide after heart attack and battle, according to experts, the knowledge is at the very least.

Longing cough can be a sign of COPD. Although the lung disease can not be healed, the time it can cause diarrhea or stop. (Photo: highwaystarz /

Untreatable illness causes painful death if it is not treated

Although more and more people learn about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the more popular is as smoker? s cough or smoker's length is the knowledge of this disease in & nbsp; The population is still alarmingly low, warn the Austrian police specialists.

Since clear symptoms are often astonished and often a physician is highly recomended, valuable time is lost, while the disease is treated earlier, the greater the potential of today to stop "COPD".

This is of central importance, so that the disease can not be healed, and if it is not treated, it leads to a painful death by transaction.

Already first seriously

The secretary general of the Austrian Society of Pulmonology, ÖGP, Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Bernd Lamprecht, on the occasion of # the World COPD-Day on November 21, stresses the importance of the first COPD directions as well as long-term cough symptoms.

However, if there is communication in a business, the existence of a number of different risk factors makes it necessary to clarify whether COPD is present.

Until a couple of years ago, the therapeutic possibilities are still very limited: in recent years, new therapists present themselves or even hoping for a breakthrough in # 39; the treatment of COPD and again.

However, it is always so important that the disease has previously been diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis and viability of the onset.

AHA symptoms can be first signs

Expectoration, cough, respiratory rate – The so-called AHA symptoms can be the first signs of COPD.

But these first symptoms are often trivialized or offered to other "conditions" or illness. Thus, the breathing is only limited to the beginning, only resilience is just as physical stress.

A symptom that is sown with senses as "You do not just have a good condition at the moment". Even the key symptom "cough," according to Dr. med. Lamp law has unfortunately often trivialized.

"COPD is so insidious, among other things, the first symptoms of patients are often not found well, so they do not communicate with the doctor," said the doctor.

Especially in the cold period is longer sustainable in many cases not sufficiently sufficient or present in an infection and COPD is not in the & nbsp; time recognized. Therefore, the patients always have to report their doctor about a persistent cough.

Especially if the cough stops for more than eight weeks, the alarm must be.

History may be closed or stopped

A simple pulmonary function test, called spirometry, can provide valuable starting information about the potential presence of COPD.

It is important to diagnose and treat the condition when the symptoms are not clinically significant. In other words, if the patient is very rare, but the symptoms may be # 39; By hiking strategies still hinges & # 39; – Including yourself.

Probably the former COPD is recognized and the more individualized, the more favorable the course. Although COPD can not be healed, the course can be closed or stopped.

Haadfiskfaktyf fekânsje

Although some non-smokers are affected, "smoking is at the greatest risk factor for the development of COPD. The majority of all COPD patients are active or former fishermen," said specialist Lamprecht.

"Tabaksoek contains many substance that cause inflammatory reactions causing the dandruff to crush," said the doctor.

"On one side, this increases the production of bronchial leukemia and in other ways it affects the self-cleaning mechanism of respiratory tract. Foreign substances can no longer be adequately enough and the laptop is also switched on, "says the expert.

"But: not only active, but also passive smoking can lead to COPD!"

Persons of risk groups must become a lungspersonal of age 50

Other risk factors include: increased respiratory syndrome in youth, particularly less degradation of traffic and industry and other damage caused by air and environmental change.

Or specializing in the workplace (eg, chemicals in plastic or in automobiles, substrates on construction sites, in birds, in mining and in fire and fire, etc.).

People who learn from a serious, rare hereditary disease, the so-called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, are also at high risk of COPD.

"Anyone who hears a risk group, even if he is not quit of quantitative cough, should, at the end of the age of 50 years, check with the game specialist to determine whether COPD is present. "

COPD affects the whole body

"COPD may also be associated with other lungs, for example, in COPD patients lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and respiratory stemers are more likely to fall asleep or in healthy peers," explained Lamprecht.

The disease then affects the whole body: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, but also anemia, muscle loss and weight loss are among the consequences of COPD.

"Mentality, especially fear and depression, increase the severity of the disease, are often a concept of 'COPD' and affects the quality of life," said Lamprecht.

Especially in # elevation raised stage of # 39; The disease, where patients with severe respiratory distresses are treated and send jaws by means of 'nasal cannula'.

Although modern mobile asteroids are a great previous overdue, the patients suffer from a disability of their movement and action. This often teaches in social isolation.

"National cannula and oxygen therapy shows that it is a serious person, and that only has many people affected as stress and stigma," said Lamprecht.

Increased quality of life of patients

Exercising powers of Austria also have good news: By better understanding the various forms of COPD, new insights and a deeper understanding of & # 39; The complex relationships of this disease, modern diagnostic options and new medicines and supplementary therapies today can make COPD patients much better and treat lesser side effects than before.

"People who have COPD have the same symptoms but various manifestations of 's illness," explained Lamprecht.

"And that's exactly what it is now recognizing, the good therapy should be used in" right form "and we are better and better today."

The various therapeutic options, such as inhaled medicines, oxygen therapy, non-invasive respiratory support, reduction in pulmonary hyperinflation, etc., can now be used more and more where they get the most success.

This takes a long time, hits page effects and costs. And very important: the quality of life of patients is greatly increased. (Ad)

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