Monday , November 29 2021

Helene Fischer: The German hit conquered "Forbes" list


Though they are "not so well known" as their "American compatriots," Fischer says more than most of the "divas in the States," Forbes reported in a report Monday. Most of her revenue comes from her "phenomenally successful" tour, which was launched in 2017, where she was & # 39; Seven figure-scams per scar scored.

Fischer covers eighth place in the list, immediately following income of $ 31 million Britney Spears and 30 million euros, the Canadian Celine Dion. The first seven places are then complete in the hands of international chart storms from & # 39; United States: Right to Fischer goes over Rihanna (37.5 million), Katy Perry with an income of $ 83 million (72 million),

Helene Fischer on stage

APA / Sebastian Willnow

"Breathless by Night": With her songs, Fischer has long been on diagrams

Katy Perry in front of Taylor Swift and Beyonce

Perry defeated Beyonce from the top. Above all, at the farms the 80 performances in "Witness" travel contributed. On road, she also appeared on & # 39; The television show "American Idol" as a lawyer, according to "Forbes" is said to have brought the other $ 20 million.

Just behind Perry this year is Taylor Swift, who will lead the list in 2016. However, the merits are expected to come up late in the coming months when they have just released the best selling album of the year with the release of their latest album "Reputation" – the unified thought is already plagued.

List takes into account counties until June

"Forbes" shuts down the salaries in the period from June 2017 to June 2018, for example based on figures from the media company Nielsen. Also, their treasury decreased according to "Forbes" in recession. Salaries for management and legal assistance are not included in the salaries.

In & # 39; s end of & # 39; The fifties were extended to Germany

The 34-year-old fisherman was born in Siberia, and in the end of # 39; The eighteenth year she moved to Germany with her parents to Germany. She told a piece of music as a musical actress. With her 2011 album "For a Day" she saw her second in O3 Austria Top40. In 2013 followed the album "Color Game" with the breakthrough tournament "Breathless by Night" – the album has hitherto been in local charts until October of this year.

Fischer also made a few political statements: "We can not and can not see what's happening in our country, but happy we can see how" convergence is at the same time – that should be our proud " So, in September, about the events in German Chemnitz. In her publication they used the hashtag "#wirsindmehr", which was known by the chemnitzer concert right.

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