Wednesday , June 16 2021

Headers call this kitchen aid back to grips with gizens!

This bamboo-harness should not be used

About TEDI GmbH & amp; KG has announced recently, product protection has raised levels of toxic formaldehyde in various bamboo plates, plates and cups. Formaldehyde can have harmful effects. The company therefore advises against the continued use of these articles.

According to the TEDI quality, the add-on articles from 5 October 2018 to 9 January 2019 are sold in all over Germany in more than 2,000 stores. The selling prices were between EUR 1.25 and EUR 1.50. Consumers can change the type of tax for a fee of either the selling price or for each other item at each TEDI discount. The following items will be listed:

  • Bamboo plate 25 centimeter design 1 and 2; Article number: 19344003431000000150 and 18128003431000000150
  • Bamboo shell 14 centimeter design 1 and 2; Partner number: 80336003431000000125 and 76469003431000000125
  • Bamboo column 13 cm design 1 and 2; Partningen: 98010003431000000125 and 98803003431000000125
These TEDI bamboo skids contain toxic formaldehyde and should no longer be used. (Image: TEDI GmbH & Co. KG)

What are the health effects of formaldehyde?

Since June 2014 formaldehyde has been used as a carzinogenic substance (category 1 B). As reported by the Federal Environmental Protection, it is often used as a valve component in wood-based materials. Formaldehyde can be released in any room air and contents. Higher formaldehyde concentration can reach the eyes and seeding membranes. In the worst case, cancer change processes are exchanged. In addition, formaldehyde is expected to expand or increase the asthma. The Federal Environmental Advisory recommends preserving the formaldehyde concentration in & # 39; a room vacancy as low as possible. (Ex)

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